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Global Rollout for Office Delve

colored_paper_shutterstock_wordpressFor quite some time I have been sharing my experiences and knowledge around the new Office Graph app (utilizing machine learning) called Delve. It’s great to know that this feature is now public for all Office 365 business subscribers globally. Until now it was only available for “First Release” customers and but everyone who wishes to take benefit of this intelligent new feature can now do so.
I’ll give a quick recap of what Delve encompasses. Delve is always proactively surfacing content from across Office 365. It assists you to discover content from various Office 365 streams including SharePoint Online team sites and OneDrive for Business, Office 365 video portal, and Yammer shared links, and most importantly, email.
Here are some articles which will help you gain more understanding around this cool feature.

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Happy Delving!!

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