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Cracking the Consumer Code: Engagement in The Digital Age

In today’s digital, mobile and social landscape, shoppers have the control in the when, how, and where their needs are met.  Brands/retailers must explore new ways to engage with their consumers that are move innovative and relevant and through not only digital channels but established physical channels as well.  Leading enterprises that excel in consumer engagement are capturing consumer behavior so they can integrate a seamless experience across all touch points and channels allowing for a more personalized experience.

If you look at the entire shopper’s journey, which is essential to what binds trading partners, it is about building awareness at any point in the decision process.  It is about understanding the shopper’s community, whether as a whole, by their networks or household.  It’s not about tending not only to price and convenience, but to offering memorable experiences.
– Jim Hertzfeld, Consumer Markets Practice Director

Our Consumer Markets practice has published a new Perspective discussing the business drivers and important trends that are developing due to the rapidly changing consumer.  Jim Hertzfeld, Michael Forhez and Jason Maloney provide their expertise on the importance of relevant messaging, personalization, and customer experience and how these are affecting the consumer markets industry today.  We have put a list of common questions that discuss engaging the connected consumer in the Consumer markets industry, including:shopper-journey_20140411095823_211506 (6)

  • What are the business drivers and trends behind consumer engagement that the entire company must consider if it wants to successfully compete today?
  • Due to new technologies, is there a need for brick-and-mortar in the age of the digitally connected consumer?


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