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Using Adobe to Create Fluid Experiences for Mobile Journeys

One the key struggles that most business are struggling with is the creating an experience that is consistent across all channels. In this 2018 Adobe Summit session Haresh Kumar and Nick Whittenburg from Adobe lay the ground work for how Adobe cloud solutions allow your business to achieve a fluid experience across mobile journeys. As […]

5 Things Your Digital Marketing Strategy Should Do

If your company is like most, you’re probably spending a hefty sum each year trying to earn new business and engage your customers. You definitely understand how important it is to have systems in place, like budgets, calendars, and reporting tools, that will help you get the most bang for your marketing buck. Hopefully you […]

4 Ways to Succeed in Retail in the “Age of Amazon”

Austin Carr just published “The Future of Retail in the Age of Amazon,” in Fast Company on the 24th of November. In it, he outlines four key takeaways for how successful retailers are innovating and evolving to remain competitive with their brick-and-mortar experiences. “Retail is under huge pressure, but the death of stores is greatly […]

10 Tips from Walmart for Killing it in E-Commerce

I recently wrote “What Retailers Can Learn From Walmart’s Incredible E-Commerce Growth In 2017” for Why? This year, Walmart posted an impressive 60% year-over-year e-commerce growth, and then Walmart announced it will sharply scale back store openings to focus more acutely on E-Commerce. So I wanted to take a look at what tactics have helped to drive this […]

Delivering a Seamless Experience to Transform Your Business Model

Among the major headlines of 2017, many have involved the shifting landscape of retail and eCommerce. Most notably was Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods. These events indicate a digital disruption is afoot – and eCommerce is not immune to its effects. The disruption can’t be ignored. Commerce business models must change to satisfy increasing customer […]

Re-Vamping the Customer Experience to Transform Your Business Model

Recent events across the retail and eCommerce landscape indicate that a digital disruption is afoot. And to succeed, commerce business models have to change to satisfy increasing customer expectations. In this blog series, explore the three major areas where you can start innovating to transform your existing commerce business model – starting with customer experience. […]

How to Transform Your Commerce Business Models

If you work in the retail or eCommerce space, then there’s no doubt that recent headlines have caught your attention. Here are just a few recent examples: “PetSmart will acquire high-flying rival e-tailer Chewy” (Internet Retailer) “Watch out Amazon. Walmart is coming for you” (CNN) “Amazon buys Whole Foods in a $13.7 billion deal” (Internet […]

5 Tips for Strong Partnerships During the Holidays for Omni-channel Retailers

‘Christmas in July’ isn’t just a promotional sales tactic in mid-July to boost customer engagement, or a 1940’s movie title. In my experience, it stands for the prime month to kickoff combined efforts of a retailer’s cross-functional teams in researching and strategizing an action plan to execute a more successful omni-channel holiday sales season. Brick-and-mortar […]

How to Transform The Digital Experience for B2B Commerce

B2B customers are changing the game of digital commerce. Some call it the “Amazon Effect,” but buyers in B2B are more accustomed to a buyer’s journey that includes digital experiences well before and long after the sale. They expect seamless, omni-channel experiences, accurate and detailed product and inventory information, one-click purchasing, and 24/7 self-service access. […]

Pokémon Go and How Augmented and Virtual Reality Helps Brands

What is Pokémon Go? The game, now available on iOS (Apple) and Android, gets you to go out and explore the real world with your mobile phone while you have the app turned on. It’s now bigger than Tinder and close to beating Twitter’s “daily active users,” since its launch on July 6th. The game […]

Top 7 Challenges of Establishing a B2B Commerce Site

Rising consumer expectations in the always-on digital world have greatly influenced the experience for B2B commerce. Buyers on the business side expect a digital commerce experience where: • Products are easy to find • Buying process is simple and efficient • Order fulfillment is fast and accurate However, manufacturers and distributors struggle to deliver an […]

First Take: Demandware XChange 2016

Spring Break continues in Florida here at the Demandware XChange Conference. This is an impressive gathering of some of the most exciting brands and retailers sharing stories that are covering every retail trend and innovation, from omnichannel to personalization and globalization. And with brands like Under Armour, Tory Burch, and ECCO, this conference has the […]

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