Yammer and Office vs. "SharePoint for End-Users" on CMSWire
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Yammer and Office vs. “SharePoint for End-Users” on CMSWire

Long before Microsoft acquired Yammer, I was impressed with the usability of the latter enterprise social tool.  Granted, they looked (and still look) more or less like Facebook, but that sort of stealing is brilliant stealing.  After all, these days pretty much everyone uses Facebook, so when new users log into Yammer for the first time, it’s anything but an unfamiliar experience.
I personally feel that’s a great thing for SharePoint in the enterprise, and I’ve recently made a statement to that effect in my latest CMSWire article.  Essentially, it’s an argument for why simple, intuitive software is always a better bet for adoption than costly “end user adoption” programs, and why Microsoft is making the right bet with these applications.   Check it out!

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