Healthcare Provider Solution with Microsoft Dynamics CRM
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Healthcare Provider Solution with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

We have created a solution for healthcare providers to better serve their potential patients (community members) and current patients. A few months back I wrote about Big Data in Healthcare in the Cloud. Now we have a solution that will help organizations organized that data in an efficient and effective way. This solution has three key areas. Click on the headers below and see a small demo of the solution.
Relationship Management in Healthcare: Patient and Physician Relationships
Understanding the relationship between patients/members and their doctors, as well as doctors and their patients/members is becoming more important to Healthcare Providers throughout the country. Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Patient/Provider Relationship Management system, the Outlook interface enables users of the system to work seamlessly throughout their day to search, identify and facilitate the right conversations between interested parties.
Relationship Management in Healthcare Community Outreach
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Patient/Provider Relationship Management system allows professional marketing departments to track all outreach (events, communications, campaigns, etc.) in one centralized, user friendly tool. The system will allow healthcare providers the 360 degree transparent visibility into marketing activities and more.
Relationship Management in Healthcare Patient Service
Being responsible to patient/member needs is becoming more important everyday for healthcare providers. Being able to track these interactions and giving clear transparency throughout the organization will allow for better patient satisfaction. The utilization of a Knowledgebase will allow for routine inquiries to be quickly handled and leverage repeatable workflow processes.
You can download a one page pdf that describes the details. Feel free to contact me with any questions and/or interest.Perficient_CRM_Healthcare

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