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What Works for Social Sharing

I was reading an article on CMSWire about HootSuite and Compendium teaming up to improve social marketing.  If you are not aware of either HootSuite or Compendium, briefly, HootSuite provides tools to manage your messaging on social networks and Compendium helps create content.

What struck me in the article is an infographic provided by Compendium with all sorts of interesting information about what works and what doesn’t when posting content to LinkedIn and Twitter.  The chart compares the behavior of your targeted users for business-oriented content versus consumer oriented content.

For example, if you include a question mark (?) in your tweet, Compendium says that your message will be clicked 39-52% LESS!  If you include an exclamation point (!) in LinkedIn, you get more clicks, but if you put it in a tweet, you’ll get less clicks.

When To Share Infographic

I’ve often looked at our Perficient blog to try to understand what day of the week we get our most hits, and then I try to post something on those days.  (I think our busiest days are Mondays and Tuesdays).   According to Compendium’s infographic (a portion shown here on the right), the best days of the week to share content on LinkedIn for consumers is Monday., while for business its better on Sunday.  If you want to target a consumer on Twitter, the best days for this are Mondays and Wednesdays.

I’ve included the full infographic in this article (see below) or you can go to CMSWire to see it.

Full Infographic

Thoughts on “What Works for Social Sharing”

  1. It’s quite intriguing how simple things like question/exclamation marks can have an effect on people’s psyche, among many other things you’ve shared here. Thanks for this infographic. I guess, human behavior is such a complexity that there’s no magic formula to winning them all with an automated message; you’ve got to join the conversation and listen closely.

  2. Wow! Thats a useful conclusion, but when you talk about sharing tools on a web page, its a different approach, I guess! That’s be more about content, user experience and tool features, etc.

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