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2012 Agile Tour Hangzhou Stop

Perficient GDC held Agile Tour Hangzhou stop event successfully again. As most of you know, agile tour is a global activity. It is held around the world in more than 40 cities. Perficient GDC conducts this event in Hangzhou since 2009 as a major organizer and sponsor. Why do we dedicate in this community?  From my viewpoint, that is because Perficient GDC is really good at Scrum methodology and we are happy to share with other companies to help them apply Scrum in their business.

“Living Agile” is the theme of this year. Every member in GDC believes Agile is not only a theory for Project management but also a thought for living. Agile is a kind of philosophy. It gives advices about “how to face changes”. In the conference, around 100 attendances from more than 40 companies had a glow discussion. The thing they cared about mostly is “How to complete the change from waterfall to agile”. So we can tell, most of the companies are eager to apply scrum or other agile methodologies. But the biggest stone in their way is how can their members understand this theory thoroughly. And this is what 2012 agile tour Hangzhou stop ‘s theme. Keep Agile in your mind and make it as one part of your life. After that you will use it freely. Don’t you think it’s interesting? If this event attracts you, please join in us in Hangzhou next year !



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