Top 3 Reasons For Poor Salesforce Portal Adoption

salesforce customer partner portal development

salesforce customer partner portal developmentThe good news:

  • You bought Salesforce Partner Portal
  • You found it incredibly easy to set up a basic portal implementation

The bad news:

  • You are not getting the portal adoption by your partners that you expected
  • Many partners log in infrequently or some not at all
  • Partners still prefer to use email to transact business
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Why me you ask?! What did you do wrong?

You are not alone! Portal adoption especially in the partner relationship management (PRM) area is one of those areas that deservedly gets a lot of attention. Money was spent, expectations were set, and results were expected.

Perficients Top 3 Reasons For Poor Portal Adoption

  1. There is no financial incentive or business process benefit to use the portal
  2. The portal is not easy to use and partners cannot find relevant information
  3. There are multiple portals to login into (deal registration, training, collateral)

Notice that lack of product features or technology did not make the top 3. This is not a technology problem, the Salesforce product has the features you need, this is a’getting it right’ from a business process and understanding of your user community problem.

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