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User Adoption – There is a Domo App for that

We Don’t Like Change For me, and for a lot of people, when you have to make a change in your daily routine it isn’t welcomed with open arms.  I think it is human nature to find an excuse to get out of making a change, even if that change will help you.  I mean, […]

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4 Personality Types for your Modern Intranet

In today’s diverse working environment, organizations face a challenge of providing systems that cater to a diverse audience. We’ve previously discussed this trend in our series of blog posts, “Anatomy of a Modern Intranet”. By 2020, there will be five generations active in the workplace. All with different work styles and comfort with technology solutions. […]

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Cones of Uncertainty and Certainty and Organizational Change

“How will the change affect me personally?”   This is the first question that people want answered as soon as they learn about upcoming plans for a large organizational change. However, at the early stages of preparing for organizational change, leaders are not able to give specific answers to these questions. This concept, known as the Cone of Uncertainty, is found in […]

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10 Change Management Tips for CRM Success

Focus On the People Not Just the System When implementing a new system such as Salesforce, regardless of an organization’s project management methodology (waterfall, agile or a hybrid), the approach is usually taken with the “lets get it done, can do” attitude. While this approach is helpful in completing the project on time and on […]

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Rise Feature Showcase – Quick Polls

Two-way communication is a key factor for gaining user adoption on the intranet and a great way to engage users and make your intranet more interactive is through the use of Quick Polls. Quick Polls are simple questions with multiple choice answers that users can answer quickly. Once a user has answered they get instant […]

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3 Stats that Validate the Need for Effective Change Management

If you want better user adoption – invest in your people. Change management is the process of getting people ready, willing, and able to accept and embrace new ways of working. The focus is not just on looking at the differences and changes; it requires a logical answer to the foremost question on everyone’s minds: “What’s […]

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Overcoming the Hurdles to Intranet Adoption

Like most people I’ve been swept up in Olympic fever, each night dutifully recording the coverage so that I can fast forward through the commercials. There have been many historic moments in the Olympic Games but the USA men’s and women’s hurdlers have provided some of the most exciting. For the first time ever the […]

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Break the SharePoint Upgrade Cycle

Is it just me or does it seem like we’ve done this before? I began working with SharePoint with the release of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, lovingly (or not so lovingly) referred to as MOSS ’07, then came SharePoint Server 2010, and 2013, and now we’re at SharePoint 2016 and all feeling a little […]

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What To Do When Your Salesforce Project Stalls

Sometimes Salesforce projects don’t stop, they slow down, sputter, and you can’t seem to get them restarted or firing on all cylinders. These projects aren’t always failures – they just need a thorough tune-up and clear path to get them back on the road. As such, below are the top reasons for a project stall […]

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How to align your Salesforce solution to your business case

  When deciding to rollout Salesforce, you probably went through the typical business case or business planning process.  This included looking at factors like the political, economic, financial and social ramifications of the move to a cloud platform with incredible capabilities to transform your business.  That said, when you’ve reached the final rollout, how closely […]

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#DF15: Attending the Circles of Success Breakout Sessions 

Trying to figure out what sessions to attend at Dreamforce can be one of the toughest things to do during one of the most exciting weeks of the year. And then there is just getting to the sessions on time in order to make the most of your week at this absolutely epic event. But one of my […]

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Change Management: Getting Your Team to the Cloud

This week there’s a short, excellent article on the Forbes site about Boise State University and its transition to a cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning solution. Even though one of the advantages of cloud is the relatively quick rollout time (compared to customized software), the school’s leaders knew that employees aren’t always eager to embrace a […]

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Yammer Webinar: Encourage Adoption with Smart Social Governance

 As a Yammer end user, I can certainly appreciate the value enterprise social brings to our organization, as well as my ability to collaborate more effectively with my team, other practice areas, and even partners. It’s easy to use and intuitive. Given that, I can understand and appreciate that Gartner selected Microsoft as the leader […]

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Joe Montana Speaks at Dreamforce on Creating Success

This year’s Dreamforce was filled with a ton of sessions, interesting demonstrations and exciting announcements.  But, for me, there was one speaker who was particularly interesting and that was Hall of Fame former 49er quarterback, Joe Montana.  Maybe he was so interesting to me because I grew up in a family of San Francisco natives […]

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Dreamforce 2014: Community Cloud Roadmap for 2015

Here at Dreamforce 2014, the conference is really heating up. Today is Marc Benioff’s keynote, which is always a fun event. Right before that keynote, the Community Cloud team presented their roadmap for Winter ’15.  We see Salesforce Communities as a compelling portal for a lot of business uses, including Partner Portals, Employee Portals, Sales Portals […]

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Inside sales seems to be an ever-changing role in companies, and there never seems to be an absolute way of finding new opportunities.  However, one of the most important parts of being an inside sales rep, is always having a full lead queue.  This can be done in a number of different ways, but one […]

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Salesforce1 Delivers on the Three Pillars of CRM User Adoption Success

We have said it before, but with the unveiling of Salesforce1, it’s the perfect time for a reminder about the three pillars of CRM User Adoption success: people, process, and technology.  With the launch of Salesforce1, there’s no question that nails these three drivers.  There are several components to user adoption success, but the […]

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Driving User Adoption of a CRM Solution

Strong user adoption is key to the success of any cloud-based CRM system. Attaining it requires a deep understanding of the three pillars of adoption – people, process and technology – and how they influence CRM success. With more than 3,000 successful cloud computing engagements, Perficient knows that without optimal alignment of the three pillars, […]

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Yammer: Go Ahead, Trust Users Over 30

There is a common perception that age is a defining factor in how enterprise users adjust to, and engage with, enterprise social networking tools.   The problem, so the folk wisdom goes, is that older users are slower to adopt newer, “cutting edge” software (translation: consumer-like UI and functionality) because they are averse to change (translation: […]

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Chatter Answers taking gamification to the next level

Who doesn’t want to make work more fun? Whether it’s for your customers, your employees, or your partners, making their online interactions with your company more engaging, interesting, and rewarding, can pay huge dividends in revenue and retention. If you’re a Service Cloud customer – you now get the Chatter Answers product for free.  That’s great […]

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