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8 Benefits of Digital Transformation Done Right

Manufacturing is a complex industry, and with growing competition, connecting with your customers is more important than ever before.  But it’s no small challenge to create a completely seamless experience – especially if you rely on dealers, distributors or other partners to be the biggest ambassadors of your brand.  Finding the Right Strategic Partner Forrester […]

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Digital Transformation: 6 Common Challenges for Manufacturers

More customer expectations. More data. More connected devices.   It’s all increasing rapidly, driving the need for digital transformation. But while most manufacturers acknowledge the importance of this transformation, over the past few years only 5% of executives have been happy with their current digital strategies (Forbes).   Why Manufacturing Is Different  The standard definition of digital transformation […]

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[Analyst Study] 114% ROI for Manufacturers Working with Perficient

In the manufacturing industry, partner ecosystems create unique efficiencies for reaching and serving customers. But they can also create unique complexities – especially when it comes to customer data and digital experiences.   According to Forrester, 71% of buyers choose a dealer, distributor or other partners after a digital-only journey. That means it’s more important than […]

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Improve Your Partner Community: Applying Feedback

In yesterday’s blog post, we discussed gathering feedback from your partners in order to improve your partner community user experience. Now, in light of Salesforce announcing a preview of the new Partner Central Community in the Summer ’17 release, let’s dive into the data and come up with some solutions on how to address common pain points. […]

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Improve Your Partner Community: Gathering Feedback

So you want to improve your partner community. You worked hard on it and had high hopes that it would be the sparkle in your partners’ eyes, but it fell flat. Maybe the content isn’t what your partners are looking for (maybe they can’t even find it!), or maybe piecemeal, band-aid-like updates have taken a […]

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5 Reasons You’ll Love Lightning Partner Communities

Yesterday Salesforce announced the launch of Lightning Partner Communities, delivering a best-in-class digital experience for companies looking to accelerate channel sales from their partner ecosystem. Empowering your partners, resellers, and channel teams with new collaborative tools has become imperative to driving growth for successful partner programs today. However, many companies still struggle with disconnected business systems, […]

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Cloud Trend #5: Unlock the Power of Partner Engagement

Psssttt! Wanna know a secret? Of course you do! Rumor has it the secret to growing your channel business (and you bottom line) is – partner engagement. You might be thinking (well duh, that’s a given). What you may not have realized is that the rules and means of engagement have changed. Cloud continues to have an […]

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Enable Your Partners On-the-Go

As our world becomes more mobile, there is more and more of a push to make Partner Communities available on mobile devices. A recent Forrester study confirms that field sales teams at your channel partners increasingly manage their business from their smart phones and tablets, and partner portal adoption is low when companies do not […]

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3 Deal Registration Best Practices for Your Channel Partners

  Deal registration continues to be the number one reason that we see our customers implement Partner Communities. Several years back, my colleague Jason Dickinson wrote an excellent blog about three different ways that you can implement Deal Registration in Salesforce that still rings true today. Here, I will focus on three deal registration best practices that […]

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Focus on Partner Experience in your Community

  Digital communities result in 43 percent increase in partner sales, according to recent research from Salesforce. Channel Managers know that their partners are busy; most of the time, working with your company is not their full-time job. In fact, they may also work with your competitor so it is critical to make it as […]

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Why Channel Teams Choose Salesforce

  Are you looking for better ways to engage and enable your partners? Do you want to reduce channel conflict and get better insight into your pipeline? Are you struggling to get a 360-degree view of your partners due to managing your channel business in multiple systems or perhaps (gasp!) on Excel spreadsheets? Do you […]

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Dreamforce: Salesforce Community Cloud Keynote

Why community cloud? Communities are proliferating at a high rate. Yelp originates 200,000 calls to businesses. 78M bike rides are shared via Strava. 94% of recruiters use LinkedIn to vet new candidates. But most businesses are not connected today. We have Portals disconnected from the public website or social networks. Salesforce’s Community Cloud offers a […]

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Deal Registration – Start with Leads or Opportunities?

Delivering a deal registration process has been a top 3 reason companies choose to implement Salesforce Partner Relationship Management (PRM). But like many things in Salesforce you have a variety of implementation approaches to consider. Where do you capture deal registrations? Leads Opportunities Custom objects The answer is: it depends. There are a number of factors […]

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Salesforce Chatter Communities replacing Salesforce Portals?

Perficient is incredibly excited to see the continued investment makes in Salesforce Chatter, Salesforce Service Cloud, and the platform. These innovations provide our customers new ways to engage with employees, customers, partners, and the public at large. What does the announcement of Salesforce Chatter Communities have on the future direction of the Salesforce Customer Portal and Salesforce Partner […]

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Salesforce Best Practices: Where Permission Sets Shine

A few months ago, I read a blog on permission sets and how another consulting company (Arkus) had managed to do an implementation with just two profiles. That same company has now created a tool called The Permissioner to mass assign users a permission set, which I think is a great help to system administrators who, like Arkus, […]

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Salesforce Best Practices. List Views & Portals: Remember To Keep It Clean

A frequent challenge when using portals is list view visibility. Many companies new to Salesforce do not lock down the “Manage Public List Views” profile permissions. This enables business users to create a list view for themselves, such as “Mary’s Cases,” and then unknowingly make it visible to everyone, both internally and externally. Be sure […]

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Salesforce Portal Strategies: Buy vs build?

Over the years, we’ve worked with clients on a great many portal implementations. And we’ve seen a lot of different paths companies take based on their unique processes and end-user needs. But I am always surprised when companies choose to build their own portal infrastructure rather than license a portal such as the Salesforce Customer […]

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Salesforce Best Practices: Utilizing the Partner Account Field

Summarizing reports by owner name is one of the many useful aspects of Salesforce. But if you sell through partners, you probably want to see leads and opportunities based on the partner company name rather than the partner employee name. This way, you can easily understand partner performance. Should be easy, right? It is. But […]

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