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Google Owning Java?

Many of you have heard about the Oracle lawsuit against Google’s use of Java.  Server Side has an interesting take on where this is headed.

A win-win situation

It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved. Google gets to put an end to the lawsuit craziness simply by using their deep pockets to buy their way out of the problem, Oracle gets to focus on their core technologies and strategies, and the Java community gets to move forward with confidence in the Java platform as being not only the strongest enterprise computing solution, but as being the future of handheld and mobile device development as well. And the sooner this all happens, the better.

Thoughts on “Google Owning Java?”

  1. I think the Java development community had a collective gasp of “Oh No!” when Oracle first acquired Sun and along with it stewardship of Java. Oracle has a long history of bastardizing their acquisitions and everyone believed they would do the same with Java even though it still remains open source.

    When the smoke settles on this current debacle, if Google somehow ended up with the stewardship of Java then I think in turn the Java community would have a collective sigh of relief. I for one trust Google way more than I trust Oracle…

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