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Perspectives on Oracle Technologies for the Enterprise

Cloud SCM – Order Management – Real Time, On Time, All The Time

19 years of Consulting in Oracle Applications and 10 years of industry experience have taught me one thing: Your customers remember you for what you deliver, not for what you promised.  On time delivery, meeting your promises – that is the key to success.  Fall short, deliver a day late, send out a broken box, […]

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Having Trouble with Enable Sandboxes Option in PBCS Application?

Yes, it is a nuance while creating application in PBCS. Here is what you need to know about it: If you are creating a new application, you may choose the obvious solution (like me) of clicking ‘Create Application’ from Planning and Budgeting Service. Beware! When you choose to create application from above menu– You cannot ‘Enable […]

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Running Oracle BI Apps or OBIEE On Premises? Cloud or No Cloud?

I spend much of my time figuring out what things organizations are doing well when it comes to their enterprise analytics, what makes them better, and how to get there. After a few communications consulting for a new customer, I came to realize that they are likely categorized in one of three groups, most if […]

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Oracle FCCS: A Deep Dive [Webinar]

Oracle Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud Service (FCCS) is the latest evolution of Oracle’s market-leading Financial Close Suite. What makes it different than Hyperion Financial Management (HFM)? A lot! Join us for a side-by-side review of FCCS and HFM. If you’re a customer of Hyperion Enterprise, HFM, or non-Oracle financial reporting packages evaluating alternative solutions, […]

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FCCS and Financial Statements

Financial Statements – Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Cash Flow Statement – are generated after completing the accounting period end close process. Proper design of Account hierarchy has always been the effective means of creating Balance Sheets and Income Statements. In Oracle Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud Service (FCCS), Movement dimension was designed to facilitate […]

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Close Manager – the Appropriate Tool to Manage Close Process

Don’t you wish you had data to evaluate the efficiency of your period-end close process? Wouldn’t it be nice to know where the bottlenecks are? We live in a high-tech world, but it is not surprising to see large companies still using whiteboards to monitor progress of their accounting close process. Period-end close tasks are […]

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Vacation Planning for Hyperion Administrators

When planning an out-of-town vacation, do you diligently ensure that you have someone lined up to water your plants, feed your goldfish, and keep an eye on your home?   What about your Hyperion environment? Do you hire a managed services provider to take care of your systems and watch over your applications while you are […]

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Setup Cross-Pod Integration for Seamless User Experience

Oracle has announced some exciting changes coming to the EPM Cloud in the July to August time frame. If you are headed to Kscope 17 in San Antonio, Texas, be sure to attend the Sunday Symposium to catch Oracle’s live demo of cross-pod integration. What Is Cross-Pod Integration? When I use the term “pod,” I […]

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Serverless Computing – What To Know Before You Start Using It

I am sure many of you are already familiar with Serverless Computing, and might have already used it in your projects. In this blog post, I’ll share my thought process around Serverless Computing, what it is, things to know before you start using it, and where you can use it. The credit for Serverless Computing […]

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How to Encrypt the Admin Password When Used on a Batch Script

In one of my previous blog posts, the EPMAUTOMATE encrypt command was used to encrypt the administrator’s password on a batch script. Here, I describe the process for how to encrypt the password when used on a batch file. Before continuing, ensure the EPMAUTOMATE has been installed on the computer from which you are running […]

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