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MEDSEEK Partners with Perficient to Assist Over 800 Hospitals

Perficient’s Liza Sisler (@lizasisler) is at Microsoft Connected Health Conference this week in Chicago, where she met up with Shaun Priest, Sr. Vice President of Business Development at MEDSEEK. Together, they discussed how working together with MEDSEEK, we will work to drive better results for hospitals across the US and Canada with Microsoft’s SharePoint technology. MEDSEEK […]

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Inviting Patients into the Healthcare Conversation

Under pressure from healthcare reform, many healthcare organizations are focused on legal and financial issues as opposed to the redesign of clinical care.  Ironically, data from IHI shows that healthcare organizations achieve lower costs when they put the highest emphasis on the entire healthcare system that patients use to receive care.  By incorporating the critical […]

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Data Driven Scorecard Could Cure Health Plan Cost Concerns

A recent HIMSS Analytics white paper showed that using clinical data to decrease costs was a top concern for health plans. Respondents emphasized the importance of becoming more strategic with regard to both individual patient data and data that relates to groups of patients in identified geographies.  In comparison to health providers, health plans are often viewed as  […]

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Physician Loyalty: What Hospitals Can Learn from Pharma

Traditional definitions of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) relate to the process that manages an organization’s relationships with customers and selectively retains the most profitable customers in order to increase profitability through meaningful communication.  CRM is essentially a one-to-one marketing mechanism that uses IT tools, like databases and portals, to develop and manage the relationship that […]

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Meet us at the Microsoft Connected Health Conference #MSCHC2011

The Perficient team will be exhibiting at the Microsoft Connected Health Conference on May 27th & 28th in Chicago this week. The event Hashtag is  #MSCHC2011 – of course we’ll be live tweeting from the event so if you can’t be there in person please follow us at @Perficient_HC and @Perficient_MSFT for up to date information on […]

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The IT-Enabled ACO

It’s all the rage.  Everyone is talking about it and some have called it the next major healthcare reform to hit the industry over the past 20 years.  So what is it you ask?  It is the Accountable Care Organization model, more commonly dubbed the ACO.  No doubt everyone has been reading, learning and commenting […]

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Using Core Measures to Jump-Start Enterprise Analytics

Today I spoke in a webinar entitled “Using Core Measures to Jump-Start Enterprise Analytics”.  During this presentation I covered a number of topics around business intelligence in healthcare and specifically around an approach called targeted analytics. I reviewed some of the options available today to healthcare organizations and provided an example of building an enterprise BI platform using core […]

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Providers Achieve Financial Effectiveness through Physician Loyalty

It goes without saying that in order to maintain financial viability, healthcare organizations must maintain patient loyalty.  There are vast marketing engines in place to capture patient loyalty through the use of portals and other collaborative tools.  However, when you take a look at the numbers, such as those published frequently by Gallup, you see […]

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Interview with Premier’s Chief Technologist Denise Hatzidakis [Video]

Perficient met up with Denise Hatzidakis, Chief Technology Officer of Premier, Inc. at IBM Impact in Las Vegas.  Denise attended the event to receive the Global WebSphere Community award on behalf of Premier.   Perficient has had the pleasure of working with Premier to develop their IBM solutions.  With regard to the trends Denise saw at IBM Impact […]

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Caring for Patients Means Caring for their Master Data

The complexity of medicine and the lack of common standards, practices and clinical vocabularies across the healthcare system makes getting clean clinical data a dirty task.  There are many applications across a healthcare system that rely on master data, and a single error can have a far-reaching impact.  In many businesses, errors in master data […]

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Healthcare and Business Process Management Interview [VIDEO] at IBM Impact

Trouble viewing? Check out the link to the video here Joel Thimsen, Solution Director at Perficient, was interviewed by Scott Laningham, Host of developerWorks, and Todd “Turbo” Watson, Blogger/Technology Evangelist, at IBM Impact in Las Vegas.  Joel outlined Perficient’s 12 year partnership with IBM and some of the key trends he has seen when working with […]

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