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Bipartisan Budget Act Of 2018: Complying With New Retirement Plan Rules

There has been a lot of talk about the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018, which was passed by Congress and signed by the President on February 9th, 2018. The law will last for two years and increase funding for both military and social programs. It represents the first significant bipartisan legislation in a long time. […]

Achieving Meaningful Results From Your Transformation Programs

Transformation initiatives require the development and implementation of strategies and technologies capable of delivering operational efficiency, reducing expenses, and increasing revenue. As an organization, you can commit to putting initiatives similar to the ones discussed here in place. It will require everyone, all the way to the CEO, to be on board and contribute where […]

Consolidating IT Applications To Cut Costs In Banking

Cost reduction remains a priority among financial institutions. Aside from re-negotiating contracts with vendors, consolidating IT applications is an ongoing trend in the industry. When speaking on the topic of expense reductions, Ralph W. Babb, chairman and CEO of Comerica, said, “We will enhance our technology capabilities, while reducing our overall spend by optimizing our […]

The Importance Of Transformation Initiatives In Banking And Insurance

Conversations with our clients have shed light on what’s taking place in their organizations and how they’re approaching their need to become more profitable. It’s evident that, for many, transformation initiatives are in development or already in place. These initiatives are not short-term plans, but rather ones that span many months or even years. Without […]

The Executive’s Guide To Driving Efficiency In Financial Services

In the middle of 2016, J.P. Morgan chairman and CEO Jamie Dimon observed that we are experiencing “uncertainty and turbulence in the markets.” In early 2017, he updated that view and said things are looking better “if you take a walk around the world.” Either way, to say that we are experiencing a period of […]