The Executive’s Guide To Driving Efficiency In Financial Services
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The Executive’s Guide To Driving Efficiency In Financial Services

In the middle of 2016, J.P. Morgan chairman and CEO Jamie Dimon observed that we are experiencing “uncertainty and turbulence in the markets.” In early 2017, he updated that view and said things are looking better “if you take a walk around the world.” Either way, to say that we are experiencing a period of economic uncertainty right now would be an understatement.

Slow economic growth, low interest rates, and pressure from regulators have made it especially difficult for financial institutions to operate efficiently and create better value for shareholders. Organizations of every size are putting their business under the microscope to evaluate and determine how they can do more with less.

How can organizations drive efficiency? What initiatives do companies have in place? What have been the results of these programs thus far?

In our newest thought leadership piece, The Executive’s Guide to Driving Efficiency in Financial Services, we explore these questions and more.

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