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What’s so scary about AI for HR?

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AI in Oracle CloudWorld, Performance Reviews and Oracle Grow

Oracle CloudWorld and AI introduction for HCM

At Oracle’s CloudWorld last month, the dominant theme was about Artificial Intelligence (AI).  With all of the new lingo, one can either feel overwhelmed or have better Rizz in meetings if know the latest buzz words such as Generative AI, Machine Learning (ML), Large Language Model (LLM) or Natural Language (NL).  And to go old school, I can even think of a few AI movies via ‘Wargames’ when the AI computer played chess or Will Smith battling the robot in ‘AI’.  Should we be scared of the possibilities or embrace the new changes?

Man And Robot Write Together

Well, thankfully, Oracle has made AI a pleasant additive in the HCM module.  The initial use of AI will focus on Authoring, Insights/Planning, Suggestions and Summarization.  Specifically, I am calling out two areas where AI can really enhance the HCM modules: Performance Reviews and Oracle Grow.

Performance Reviews and AI

The first one involves writing performance reviews or the Summarization in the Performance Management module.  As a  manager, performance reviews require the analytical thinker to put together some elegant wording for each of their direct reports.  And if the company requires a review on a semi-annual basis, the process can be even more cumbersome versus once a year.

This is where AI comes into play using the term ‘Generative AI’.  What this means is that based on the numeric ratings for each category plus any feedback from peers or dotted line managers, all you need to do is click a button to ‘generate’ a performance review within the HCM module.  The output is a nice summary that will involve very little edits, kind of like ChatGPT.  Now the analytical thinker can go back to their analysis or playing chess.  What a relief!

Oracle Ai And Performance Reviews


Oracle Grow and AI

The second AI feature for Oracle Cloud HCM is within Oracle ME, specifically, Oracle Grow which acts as a development coach by making Suggestions in the areas of learning, skill development and career mobility.  Now these Suggestions become more intuitive and meaningful with the AI engine.  This results in employees becoming more engaged with their career and company.  What more can you ask of AI to the HR world?  And it helps that Oracle Grow was the 2023 Top HR Product of the Year given by Human Resource Executive.

Ai And Oracle Me

Oracle Grow And Ai


Just for a teaser, here are a few other notable AI wins on the HCM horizon.  For Summarization, how about candidate qualification or pivot to Authoring related to Goal Creation, Job Requisition/Description or Anytime Feedback Writing Support.  So AI in Oracle Cloud HCM does not seem so scary but actually will allow us to increase our time in value added tasks.  Sounds like a treat to me!

Contact us to modernize your HR System with Oracle Cloud HCM for a full assessment or even an existing Oracle Cloud HCM check-up at Perficient’s Oracle Cloud HCM practice. 

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