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Oracle EPM On-Premises Release 11.2

The On-Premises version of Oracle EPM 11.2 is now available for Windows Server 2019 with Linux support to follow. On December 18th, 2019 it was officially released and the software is now available for download. Version 11.2 has Premier Support through 2030 and that will likely be extended. The current version of is set […]

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Oracle EPM Automate Tool – Installation Procedure

About EPM Automate EPM Automate Utility enables Service Administrators to automate many repeatable tasks,  including the following: Import and export metadata, data, artifact and application snapshots, templates, and Data Management mappings Upload files into environments, list files, and delete files from the service Download snapshots, reports, and metadata and data files from the service Run business rules on data, and […]

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Fixing EPMA Validation Error BadResponseCodeException 500

After completing a Hyperion build or upgrade, a logical next step is running Oracle EPM diagnostic utility validate.bat ( on Linux) to collect information on configurations, database connections, web connectivity, and product-specific tests. Each test gets a pass or fail result; failures are diagnosed to fix any underlying issues before running validate again to make […]

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Hyperion EPM–How to Choose the Right Applications? Part 3

From my latest post (Post 2), we talked about starting the process to identify your needs, the importance of a partner and the value of planning ahead.  We will continue down that path in this post.  I’m trying not to spend too much time on gathering project requirements in these posts; however, they are a […]

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Hyperion EPM–How to Choose the Right Applications? Part 2

From my earlier post (Post 1), we talked about what EPM is and how it can help organizations.  This post will focus on starting the process to determine what the organizational needs are.  This is the first step in determining which applications to select and implement.  If at all possible, do not buy your new […]

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Hyperion EPM–How to Choose the Right Applications for Your Needs?

Constant pressure from shareholders and upper management to improve the bottom line are driving factors to business leaders searching for new ways to be more effective and efficient. One of the many tools available to them is Enterprise Performance Management. Broadly defined, Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) is managing the profitability and performance of your business […]

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Oracle Cloud Transformations in Weeks

We all know one of the tremendous benefits of moving to the cloud is time to value. After all, cloud applications are designed to provide a rapid return on investment, with less risk than a traditional implementation. If you’re like most people, the promise of business transformation in weeks may sound like marketing hype and […]

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Why Oracle Cloud for Enterprise Planning and Budgeting

Oracle Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (EPBCS) is a subscription-based service released in May 2016. There are numerous reasons why you should consider EPBCS, but I’ve outlined my top five reasons below. Value Out-of-the-Box: Oracle’s R&D spend is second to none as it competes with other SaaS vendors in this space. Customers are benefiting […]

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Oracle Hyperion Planning 11.1.2 Installation & Configuration

At the end of this month, I’ll be teaching the Planning 11.1.2 Install and Configuration Oracle University course in the near future. In this course, you learn about the processes involved in installing, configuring, testing, and maintaining Planning. You learn about the layers in the Enterprise Performance Management System infrastructure. Discussions include planning the installation, […]

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Challenges of Cloud Implementations

Cloud implementations bring a new set of challenges due to the fundamental difference in how applications and their supporting infrastructure are delivered and managed. It should be noted that none of these challenges should be seen as a reason to delay moving an application to the cloud. Instead, you should embrace the challenges and understand […]

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Missed Oracle OpenWorld? Great Content Now On-Demand

Oracle shared an incredible amount of rich content during the show, but don’t worry if you weren’t able to make it, you can view all the OpenWorld keynotes on-demand. There were more than 1800 sessions available to attend and although not every session was recorded, there are some great general sessions worth checking out featuring […]

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Oracle University Announces Awards for Perficient

Houston, TX, October 2016 – Oracle University is pleased to announce that Perficient has received the FY16 North America Oracle University awards for Sales Excellence, OAEC Delivery Excellence and Outstanding Instructor Quality. These awards were revealed in September 2016 by Jason Schiedemeyer, Senior Director for Oracle University. These awards recognizes Perficient for their ability to […]

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Rewards of Moving to Oracle Cloud

The rewards of moving from on-premises to cloud are many and although some folks may still have reservations, the benefits are hard to deny. Time to Value Cloud applications are designed to provide a rapid return on investment, with less risk than a traditional implementation. For example, a planning system can be fully developed and […]

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Oracle Hyperion Installation and Configuration Class

In spite of the push by vendors to move to cloud based applications, many organizations are still installing software in their own data centers. Oracle University offers a couple great classes on the Oracle Hyperion infrastructure, specifically for installation and configuration of Oracle Hyperion Financial Management and Oracle Hyperion Planning.  Both of these classes provide […]

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How Oracle Capex is driving Customer Opex Model Opportunities

Over the last few years, we’ve learned that one of the greatest appeals of the move to the cloud is that the providers’ capital expenditures enable users to focus their budgets on operational expenses. After all, a standard on-premise approach can require you to purchase, install and maintain the software and hardware, while also spending […]

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Expanding Expertise on Oracle Healthcare

At this week’s Oracle Industry Connect, much of the buzz is coming from the healthcare sessions, under the theme of “Transforming Clinical Research and Clinical Care with Data-Driven Intelligence .… showcasing innovation and transformation of clinical R&D, value-based healthcare, and personalized medicine.” Oracle CEO Marc Hurd delivered Wednesday’s Keynote address. Among the experts in attendance […]

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Migrating On-Premises Planning Application to PBCS

  Are you currently thinking about migrating your existing on-premises Hyperion Planning application to the Cloud? Are you having reservations about what this process may entail? Well put your reservations aside! Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS) makes the migration easy as it essentially has the same code base as on-premises Hyperion Planning release […]

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Learn Oracle at the Oracle Education Facility

The Oracle Education department has made some changes this year. We have installed 34 machines with dual monitors for our students. So far, Perficient Inc. is the only Oracle Education Facility in Texas which offers this convenience for students being able to work with their eKit and programs running side by side. Our intensive, hands-on […]

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Kill that rogue EPMA application

On rare occasion, I encounter an EPMA application that will not offer an option to delete because the process that created it did not complete properly or the application was deleted from the Shared Service registry prior to removing it in the Application Library. This short article describes the process to remove an application from […]

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What the IBM – Star Analytics Acquisition Means for IBM BA

I encourage you to read up on IBM’s announcement Monday, February 5 to acquire Star Analytics. There is a lot to think about with this deal for those of us working on IBM BA efforts: Star Analytics will fold into the IBM BA software portfolio ran today by ex-Cognos COO Les Rechan. The products will be part of the […]

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