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Schedule Business Logic in Oracle Sales Cloud

In the Past In previous releases of OSC, if a record needs to update based on custom business logic then we may have to rely on external code that executes the logic and update the records in OSC through web services or update using batch data load. Now with R12 and R13, this approach has changed, […]

Integrate Oracle Sales Cloud w/ Oracle Integration Cloud Service

Oracle Integration Cloud Service is a cloud-based integration platform designed to perform integrations between cloud-based and on premise applications.  It is packaged with a growing list of application adapters which can be leveraged to greatly reduce the development effort and time.  These adapters are pre-built interfaces that can connect to different applications without coding. Perficient […]

Oracle Engagement Cloud – Top 5 UI Enhancements

The recent release of the Oracle engagement cloud has introduced many exciting new features to the cloud application enhancing the user experience with new UI features and functionality. Quite a few of these new features available in the engagement cloud application now are enhancements that were requested by many of our clients over the years. […]

Oracle Cloud Transformations in Weeks

We all know one of the tremendous benefits of moving to the cloud is time to value. After all, cloud applications are designed to provide a rapid return on investment, with less risk than a traditional implementation. If you’re like most people, the promise of business transformation in weeks may sound like marketing hype and […]

Siebel IP2017 What’s New: Siebel Enterprise & Development Tools

I have talked to many clients over the last month that are very interested in the new Siebel Innovation Pack 2017. There are new enhancement to Open UI functionality, Oracle continues to build on the mobile platform and vertical mobile applications, a new Open UI Test Automation suite has now been included, and many have […]

Challenges of Cloud Implementations

Cloud implementations bring a new set of challenges due to the fundamental difference in how applications and their supporting infrastructure are delivered and managed. It should be noted that none of these challenges should be seen as a reason to delay moving an application to the cloud. Instead, you should embrace the challenges and understand […]

Rewards of Moving to Oracle Cloud

The rewards of moving from on-premises to cloud are many and although some folks may still have reservations, the benefits are hard to deny. Time to Value Cloud applications are designed to provide a rapid return on investment, with less risk than a traditional implementation. For example, a planning system can be fully developed and […]

Managing Suppliers Has Never Been Easier Thanks to FBDI!

As I have discussed before, FBDI is the best tool for loading mass amounts of data. When you’ve got a client that has thousands of suppliers – which let’s be honest, they all do – then FBDI is your best friend. Instead of manually entering the data into the system one click at a time, […]

Oracle BICS and Cloud (Fusion) Apps Integration Overview

Oracle provides multiple ways of reporting from Oracle Cloud (Fusion) Apps.  Oracle HCM Cloud, CX Cloud, SCM Cloud and Cloud ERP all have Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI) built into the application.  In addition, Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service (BICS) can also access Oracle Cloud application data and load it into the BICS Database via Data Sync.  While […]

Digital Experience Strategy: Three Tips from Gartner

“Customer Experience is the New Marketing.” -Steve Cannon, CEO of Mercedes Benz USA In our recent CX guide, we noted how difficult it can be for an organization to recover from a negative interaction with a consumer or other stakeholder. As customer satisfaction relies more heavily than ever on a reliably effective digital experience, business […]

Partnerships Key to Gartner Magic Quadrant Ranking

Social media might get more attention, but both B2B and B2C firms are using cloud-based sales and marketing tools for more than just direct sales: they’re looking to build bonds with customers long before and after a purchase takes place. For a portfolio of offerings designed to build and strengthen relationships, it’s appropriate that business […]

Shifting Forces: Competitive Strategy in the Digital Age

Digital transformation isn’t just driving the way we run our businesses, but also influencing how we handle milestones in our lives. When J.J. Watt signed an NFL contract worth $100 million, he wasn’t sure what to do next. So he googled the phrase “What do rich people buy?” Unimpressed with the search results, his first […]

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