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Office 365 Change Management

Through the web, in-print, and from subject matter experts you can find many materials, scenarios, and use cases on how to migrate to Office 365. It is likely that your unique situation has been partly documented somewhere or an external resource can ease your mind as you begin to evaluate unplugging on-premises hardware. Don’t forget […]

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Ringing in the New Year with Skype (Lync) for Business

This morning Microsoft lifted the curtains to finally unveil what everyone knew was inevitable; Lync Server now becomes “Skype for Business”. This is actually the second go around for the “Skype for Business” name, prior to the Microsoft acquisition Skype tried to enter the “Business” realm with a business offering…yeah, that didn’t work out to […]

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Abusing Outlook

For many of us Outlook is always running. If used to its full potential Outlook will work for you and make a busy day more manageable. Many fail to utilize the many features Outlook has to assist you with hundreds of incoming emails and/or a full calendar. I am sharing a few tips that will […]

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Cargill Showcasing at #Lync Conference

Lync Conference 2014 came and went this year with great success. Over the course of 3 days, it was impossible to attend all the breakout sessions because there were so many. To get caught up and watch the sessions you may have missed, they are now posted on the MicrosoftLync YouTube Channel. I recommend […]

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Managing Office 365 with Powershell

A recent Office Blog highlights new resources for Managing Office 365 with Windows Powershell.  Powershell is an incredibly robust tool for managing your SharePoint, Lync, and Exchange environments. It was released around the 2010 product lines and most of us in the industry remember its predecessor, STSADM, for managing SharePoint 2007.  If you are new to Powershell, you’ll find the […]

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Lync Conference 2014…Your Chance to Grill the Experts

Starting this upcoming Monday, February 17, Lync Conference 2014 goes into full swing through the 20th.  Experts from all over the world will be presenting, demoing, answering questions and having a good time representing the world of Lync.  The Lync community as a whole are just a bunch of geeks who love what they do […]

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Lync Server – Install-CSDatabase error

With Lync Server 2013, the recommendation is to keep the OS on the C: drive and deploy Lync to a secondary drive running Raid 10.  When you ask for server provisioning with the requested drive layout you’ll receive your server with a second drive such as a D: or E: drive, or whatever your standard build calls for.  […]

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Lync Server 2013 – Annoying LS DATA MCU 41029 Error

Starting with Lync Server 2010 and now with Lync Server 2013, Certificate management was much improved over previous OCS platforms with the ability to itemize certificates across the environment.  More specifically, on the Lync Server Front ends you can now apply up to 3 unique certificates to each server.  A description is provided for each certificate below: […]

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Using Fiddler to troubleshoot Lync Mobile Client

Troubleshooting and reading the logs on the Lync Mobile client is in my opinion, very cumbersome.   I find myself staring at the logs trying to decipher the cryptic messages, reformatting the text in notepad, scrolling to left and right repeatedly,…  well, you get the idea, it simply isn’t any fun.    I was recently challenged with […]

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Lync Server 2013 Interop – Debunking the Myths

It is quite obvious the big market players are competing to own the “Unified Communications” space.  I put quotes around Unified Communications because that definition seems to vary depending on who you talk to.  Big name players such as Microsoft, Cisco, Avaya, Siemens, Polycom, the list goes on, have taken strides to create their own […]

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Lync Server 2013 Internal Server Roles

This is post 10 of the twelve post series, to see an index of all twelve posts, click here. On the 10th day of Lync’mas my UC Team gave to me: 10 Lync Internal Server Roles! On the surface (No PUN intended), Lync 2013 is, or at least was upon release, widely perceived to not […]

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Why I love PowerShell…and so should you

 This blog post is meant for both the PowerShell newbie and scripter out there looking for a reason why they should start learning aptly named PowerShell or push themselves to learn a new aspect of PowerShell they’ve been meaning to try. It’s been a few years now since PowerShell first came to be. Remember those […]

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Lync Server 2010 to Lync Server 2013 Migration QoS “Gotcha”

This quick blog snip -it is not intended to be a deep dive into Lync Server components but rather a quick reminder of a subtle change that could have a big impact on your migration. Since the inception of the Communications Server solution, at least starting with OCS, the client executable file was always branded […]

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How-To: Create Lync Common Area Phones in Bulk

Microsoft provides documentation on how to create single common area phone accounts, but there is limited documentation on how to actually create the common area phone accounts in bulk. Below is a breakdown on the bulk account creation process. Script Prerequisites Create a New Client Policy to Support Hot-Desking As indicated in the TechNet article, […]

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OCS 2007 R2 CWA – PIN Length Part II

As a follow up to my previous post on the CWA PIN Length issue – I have something that solves the issue – for now. Of course it’s not officially supported by Microsoft etc. etc. (MS says it will be fixed in Wave 14… grr!!!) but I think this a pretty clean way to change […]

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OCS 2007 R2 – CWA PIN Length Bug

(10/07/2009 – I’ve updated this issue in a newer post) I noticed something odd a while back when we deployed OCS 2007 R2 for audio conferencing: that the webpage where users go to reset their PINs always says that PIN length must be a minimum of 5 digits. Even if you have set your PIN […]

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OCS – Integration with Google, IBM, Jabber and more

Good news: OCS can now federate with lots of other vendors, including Google and IBM Sametime. This is great news for the UC world in general. More info to follow on how it actually works in production…

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OCS Communicator Web Access Listening Port

During the deployment of an OCS Communicator Web Access Server there is a setting that is not covered in much detail in the documentation: the Communication Server Listening Port. No default or suggested value is given, as shown by this screenshot of the virtual server creation wizard: This port is used by the Communicator Web […]

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More on OCS Edge Server Certificates

There are a pair of related Office Communications Server 2007 topics I wanted to expand on from previous blog articles that I’m still seeing come up quite often in both day-to-day projects and in the Microsoft discussion forums. One of them is centered around adding and supporting additional SIP domains. And because the two most […]

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OCS Edge on Server 2008 – The Strong Host Model

The typical OCS deployment these days is using Windows Server 2008 instead of Server 2003 for the host OS now since R2 and Server 2008 have been out for some time, so a certain issue has begun to pop up in some deployments. Basically, if an R2 Edge server is deployed on Server 2008 and […]

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