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Lync Conference 2014…Your Chance to Grill the Experts

Starting this upcoming Monday, February 17, Lync Conference 2014 goes into full swing through the 20th.  Experts from all over the world will be presenting, demoing, answering questions and having a good time representing the world of Lync.  The Lync community as a whole are just a bunch of geeks who love what they do and equally love passing on the knowledge we have gained in the marketplace.  Since the Lync Conference stateside is a once a year opportunity, we encourage you to get excited about grilling all the experts in the areas you need your questions answered, because we are just as excited to talk with you!  What’s better than attending a 4 day party on the company dime to obtain free advice?!
Lync Conference
Now that the general overview is complete, lets focus more on what Perficient has to offer at the LyncConf! As the conference moves along throughout the week, Perficient will be highly involved by sponsoring the event, throwing a VIP party and representing a booth with resident experts there to answer your questions. During the breakout sessions, you may not get your questions answered because maybe you can’t get the one on one time with the presenter, or the time runs out before you get to ask your question. That’s okay! We encourage you to stop by and ask the questions to get the answers you need. We have 2 Lync Certified Masters (MCMs) on staff who are ready and willing to cover all the topics that your hearts desire. If you need help in thinking of some ideas and questions to ask, here are some examples:
Lync Strategies:
1.) Lync Readiness Strategy
2.) Basic Deployment Strategy
3.) Conferencing Strategy
4.) Global Deployment Strategy
5.) PBX Replacement Strategy
6.) Greenfield Enterprise Voice Strategy
7.) LRS (Lync Room System) Strategy
Do you have questions regarding technical deep dives? Here are some ideas as well:
Technical Review:
1.) Understand Simple URLs and how they can impact a design
2.) Understand how Lync integrates to PBX and IPPBXs
3.) Understand how Lync 2013 HA and DR works
4.) Understand the importance of SBCs and Gateways
5.) Understand Call Admission Control and QoS
6.) Understand Flexible dial plans and why we use Global E.164 standards
7.) Why do we have this “misfit” Office Web Apps role?
We look forward to seeing you at the conference and fully expect you to bring the hard questions…Can you stump us?
Safe travels and see you soon!

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Jason Sloan

I currently hold the Microsoft Certified Master on Lync Server 2010 certificatoin and work as a Senior Technical Consultant at Perficient, specializing in Unified Communications design and deployments. My history in IT dates back 15 years with all my experience coming primarily from Microsoft Technologies. I believe the Microsoft Unified Communiations community is a very close and talented group of engineers who genuinely enjoy the technologies and collaborating with one another to help the technologies dominate the marketplace.

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