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Cargill Showcasing at #Lync Conference

Lync Conference 2014 came and went this year with great success. Over the course of 3 days, it was impossible to attend all the breakout sessions because there were so many. To get caught up and watch the sessions you may have missed, they are now posted on the MicrosoftLync YouTube Channel.
I recommend taking time out of your day to virtually attend the sessions that may be applicable to your situation.
One of the sessions that I’m particularly biased too and highly recommned, is the Cargill session discussing the successful planning, deployment and roll out of Lync Server 2013.
The session takes you on an hour long journey through the processes Cargill used to justify, plan and then with Perficient’s help, execute on that plan to start saving Cargill a large sum of money each month. The savings were achieved by bringing 3rd party hosted conferencing in house onto the Lync Server 2013. If your organization is in the visioning stage of deploying the Lync Server platform, then this is definitely a great starting point to reference as it is a real world, no BS demonstration of success. Cargill is the largest privately held company in the world with over 140k employees worldwide. This story highlights the scale-ability of the Lync Platform, proving that Lync can lead the pack in the industry. Now granted, some of those employees are not Lync Users as they may be factory workers or non-computer users, so the initial roll out targeted around 70k heavy Lync Conferencing Users. As Enterprise Voice continues its growth pattern within Cargill, expect the usage to go up, as plants will start receiving common area phones and even managing existing analog phones. To understand more technical detail about the environment in the current state, please review my blog located here:, which is now no secret that the blog was depicting the Cargill environment.

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I currently hold the Microsoft Certified Master on Lync Server 2010 certificatoin and work as a Senior Technical Consultant at Perficient, specializing in Unified Communications design and deployments. My history in IT dates back 15 years with all my experience coming primarily from Microsoft Technologies. I believe the Microsoft Unified Communiations community is a very close and talented group of engineers who genuinely enjoy the technologies and collaborating with one another to help the technologies dominate the marketplace.

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