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Cyberattacks in Financial Services - keyboard

Maximo MXLoader – Data Loading

As I continue my series on Maximo Data Loading, I move to another tool I have turned to many times, the Maximo MXLoader. This was developed by Bruno Portaluri while he was at IBM. As of February 2018, he is no longer with IBM, but his tool still holds a lot of value and is […]

Maximo Application Data Import Export – Data Loading

In this first part of my Maximo Data Loading series, I will cover the Maximo Application Data Import Export functionality. This is great functionality that was introduced in version 7.5, and many today still do not utilize it’s functionality. This allows you to go into any Maximo application, and export data from a query or […]

Using ODI Multiple Export Utility

This post explains the process of using ODI Export Multiple Objects utility to export selected multiple ODI objects and importing them individually. ODI introduced a new feature ‘Smart Export’ from version 11.1.16, This feature automates the process of exporting/importing all objects related to your change, As BIAPPS OOTB ODI repository contains thousands of objects smart […]

Treasure Hunt@1x.jpg

Content Import with Powershell: Treasure Hunt

[su_note note_color=”#fafafa”]I recently had to import various data sets as items into Sitecore. There are many tools one can use but I wanted something very simple, something readily available, and yet something powerful and flexible enough to build a reusable component. I figured I would use Sitecore Powershell Extensions.[/su_note] For a treasure hunt we need […]