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Headless is Out of This World, Let’s Dive In!

I previously wrote about Sitecore Content Hub ONE and its place in the market as a new pure-play headless CMS. One of the key differentiators of a pure-play headless CMS is the lack of any presentation or visual rendering of content. They focus on managing content in its purest form in a repository to syndicate […]

XM Cloud JumpStart

Perficient XM Cloud JumpStart

Perficient’s XM Cloud Jumpstart helps existing Sitecore customers who want to adopt XM Cloud create and execute a plan to move their MVC solutions to XM Cloud using Next.js and React or rapidly implement a greenfield solution according to the best industry standards from scratch. Regardless of your starting point, JumpStart delivers a better experience […]

Xm Cloud Certified

XM Cloud Certification

Among several other XM Cloud platform enthusiasts, I was invited to take part in the XM Cloud beta certification. Taking into account that I was also involved in beta testing of XM Cloud Developer Fundamentals Training earlier in July (it is available now and I highly recommend the one), I would like to share overall […]


Still Working with Sitecore Without Docker? Check Sifon, your New Multitool in a Sitecore Toolbelt

Hey Sitecore professionals, if you have not heard about Sifon for Sitecore – you must definitely check this out. I spent a lot of time building and testing it and can say Sifon is a definite Swiss army knife for local Sitecore development in the right arms, so you’d really like to learn why. Installing […]

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Making Sense of Sitecore’s Headless Options

If you read my last article, the big deal with headless, you know that the big deal is performance. The architecture you get leveraging a headless architecture with Next.js front end is fundamentally superior to MVC. When you are ready to make the move to headless, you may be surprised that there isn’t just one […]

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The Big Deal with Headless

Performance Matters. According to Amazon, 1 second of load lag time would cost them 1.6 billion in sales per year. Walmart says, for every second of improvement, they receive a 2% conversion increase. According to Akamai, every 100-millisecond delay in website load time can hurt conversion rates by 7%. And for every second delay in […]

Sitecore JSS Development Essentials: Graphql integration using Apollo

The Sitecore JavaScript Rendering SDK (JSS) offers GraphQL services and clients that streamline the process of querying and updating data with GraphQL. Although we can create and choose different content item resolver, for complex queries and data we can opt for Graphql. JSS applications provide various choices for utilizing GraphQL. If you’re working with a […]

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Sitecore JSS Development Essentials: Use of Middleware in Next.js

Middleware serve a purpose of augmenting or modifying the request and response objects before the request reaches the actual page or API route handler. There can be instances where you want to validate if user has valid token or check if the request has valid header from security perspective or update cookies, log some information […]

Error In File No Data

Sitecore JSS Development Essentials: Error pages

Continuing my Sitecore JSS Development Essentials blog series, I will share how to handle error pages in Sitecore JSS website in this blog An error page, is an essential component of any website. It serves as a fallback page that appears when a user tries to access a specific URL that doesn’t exist or encounters […]

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Optimizely CMS 12 – Content Delivery API Integration

In the Optimizely Content Management System (CMS), a headless approach is achieved using content delivery API. This handy package can get the data into JSON format using the REST API. In Single Page, Application, and content delivery, API works very well with JavaScript languages like React, Vue, and Angular. A headless system can work with […]

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Local Docker Environment Setup with Sitecore 10.3 and SXA

We as developers/consultants set up our local Sitecore instances for our project developments, some are simple and easy, and some are complex and take time as you may come across errors. Now, as Sitecore is moving towards headless and containerized solutions, the way how to get local development instances up and running has changed from […]

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Sitecore JSS Development Essentials: Create new placeholder in Sitecore Next.js app

In the previous blog, I demonstrated how to create a new component in JSS Next.js app. If you must have noticed, I added it to an existing Main placeholder, however most of us come across scenarios where we have to create new placeholders to build the desired page design. So, in this blog, I will […]

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