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Perficient XM Cloud JumpStart

XM Cloud JumpStart

Perficient’s XM Cloud Jumpstart helps existing Sitecore customers who want to adopt XM Cloud create and execute a plan to move their MVC solutions to XM Cloud using Next.js and React or rapidly implement a greenfield solution according to the best industry standards from scratch.

Regardless of your starting point, JumpStart delivers a better experience to visitors and ensures your marketing and development teams are ready to take full advantage of the platform. Perficient’s brilliant XM Cloud JumpStart solution comes as the essence of the company’s collective well-documented experience, derived from our XM Cloud and Headless experts’ discoveries, improvements, and of course – real project expertise.

What are the key features of Perficient XM Cloud JumpStart?

  • it benefits from the latest versions of XM Cloud offering – we carefully monitor and sync updates regularly which allows you to stay up to date with the latest features, like Next.js SDK.
  • supports multisite architecture in all possible ways, whether you want to share the same resources within the same rendering host or are looking for total isolation between websites
  • multilingual support with scaffolding all the required dependencies, such as dictionaries, language switchers, etc.
  • SEO friendliness – achieved by a combination of our custom implementation and the best OOB SXA configuration
  • DevOps automation and infrastructure provisioning as well as support for multiple Source code providers (such as Azure DevOps) not just GitHub.
  • speaking about GitHub – GitHub Actions are also supported as an advanced CI/CD mechanism.
  • site blueprints – are especially helpful for multibrand and/or multiregional clients.
  • content migration scripts & automation.

Migration from XP/XM

Transferring your existing XP/XM platform to XM Cloud can demand a substantial allocation of resources. In some cases, the expense associated with reconstructing the solution may outweigh the benefits for certain businesses. Fortunately, our XM Cloud JumpStart offers a comprehensive toolkit, including templates, blueprints, migration automation tools, and adjustable pre-developed headless components. This simplifies and expedites the migration process, ultimately reducing the overall cost of transitioning to the cloud solution and making it a more accessible option for brands currently utilizing an on-premises platform.


Headless SXA provided with each and every XM Cloud environment contains only a limited and basic set of components. Based on our previous XM Cloud implementations, we’ve identified that the Components Library is among the top time boosters for development and faster time to market. Therefore we create a components library featuring the most met and desired components for a typical enterprise-level website. Since all the components are Headless SXA-based, there are plenty of styling configuration options for each of them, including rendering variants and parameters. Configuring components on a page consumes significantly less time than implementing homebrewed components from scratch.

XM Cloud JumpStart implementation strategies

Adopting XM Cloud requires careful planning and execution and most importantly, a roadmap. Existing Sitecore customers considering a move to XM Cloud may feel overwhelmed at first.

Your Sitecore solution and business priorities may require different strategies for moving to XM Cloud. Here are a few approaches we’ve seen be successful:

  • Site Migration Factory works best for customers running a number of sites on Sitecore, creating a factory approach for migrating sites leads to the most efficiencies
  • Incremental & Agile approach suggests moving features incrementally, being responsive to business priorities along the way instead of focusing on a “big bang” release
  • Lift & Shift is the most popular strategy, allowing to keep like-for-like functionality and move as efficiently as possible this approach makes the most sense.
  • Redesign & Rearchitect is helpful when you want to improve the user experience during the migration. This approach can account for changes to design and content.

Want to learn more?

Reach out to me or my resourceful colleague David San Filippo, if you’d prefer to have a tour of XM Cloud in order to see it in action with your own eyes, as well as familiarize yourself with any of XM Cloud JumpStart capabilities.

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