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#DF15: App Cloud Keynote Highlights

The App Cloud is about customer success. Today’s Dreamforce session started by introducing Bosma Enterprises, a non-profit for the blind and visually impaired. They are end-to-end Salesforce, and it’s all accessible to the visually impaired. The next project is to bring a telecom platform that can be maintained by the blind and visually impaired. Visit […]

#DF15: Hi-Tech and Hi-Touch Retail with George Zimmer

Everyone knows George Zimmer of Menswear fame and his “I guarantee it” commercials. After leaving Menswear, he’s back with a new startup and ready to revolutionize retail. It’s the first ever B2C platform powered on Salesforce from end-to-end. It started with a video for Generation Tux. The total Tuxedo market is 10 million rentals a […]

Salesforce and Customer Master

Salesforce is a boon for companies which can’t take a number and wait for IT to prioritize the implementation. However if adequate data architecture planning is not done, it can end up as a siloed application with Data Quality issues. Many companies don’t have the time to engage the Enterprise team for CRM implementation besides […]

What Salesforce’s Backing of Predictive Analytics Firm Means

You might have seen the news that Salesforce and Microsoft invested in the predictive analytics ( company to the tune of $65M. Salesforce is the leader of cloud / SaaS platform in the world, why are they investing in predictive analytics? Barring any obvious financial reasons, it is very clear that ERP serves the purpose of […]

Community Designer,, Making the right choice for your Salesforce Community is launching the Community Designer as part of their Winter ’15 release. With this product launch there are now three core tools available, and the being the other two, to customize a Salesforce Community. Here are some considerations to help you make the selection that is right for your business and technical skills. Community […]

Preparing to Integrate Your Data with Salesforce

Without exception, every Salesforce project I’ve managed over the past several years has involved some data integration. Integration is the name of the game: providing more efficient, streamlined processes and better customer insight. This can translate into lower costs and higher sales so its well worth the investment. However, the majority of these projects experienced […]

The Details of Master-Detail Relationships

  Many organizations need to setup relationships between objects in Salesforce.  In doing so, a choice must be made between a “Lookup” relationship and a “Master-Detail” relationship.  I’m often asked about these options, and how to decide which one is needed. Ask yourself these questions about your requirements: Do I want the visibility and edit-ability of my child object records to be […]

Importing Data into Salesforce with Informatica

The need to change the values actually being imported is inevitable when you are importing data into Salesforce. Scary to some, a matter of fact to most , but a way to shine for the users of Informatica . At Perficient we have been able to use the cloud tool Informatica which offers a wide […]

Service Cloud and JIRA – Connector Roundup

Making it easy for support teams to escalate issues and collaborate with engineering is one of the most common requirements we hear during Service Cloud implementations. More often than not – the engineering or development teams are using JIRA to track issues and manage the product backlog. So how do you connect Service Cloud with […]

Lookup Relationships with Informatica

Perficient clients are able to leverage a wide range of tools across the broad spectrum of current technologies. Through the course of my experience with Perficient’s Salesforce team I have been able to help implement different types of technical solutions. My blog posts will focus in on various solutions, and I will start with the […]

Making Search Work in Communities – Part 2

If you saw our overview post last week on making search work in Communities – you’re probably looking for more info on each option. Here at Perficient we believe that “seeing is believing”. For each search option covered in our previous post, here are some screenshots and details to help you figure out which option […]

Making Search Work in Communities – Part 1

A vibrant community with an engaged user base will usually contain an incredible amount of valuable content. But as content grows, how do users get connected with the right article that answers their question (in a service community), or the right piece of enablement content that helps them sell (in sales community)? The preferred option […]

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