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Area Vice President Mary-Beth Ostasz Recognized for Excellence in Leadership by Consulting Magazine

As a global organization that actively promotes diversity, inclusion and belonging, we want a workplace as diverse and inclusive as our clients. One of the ways we achieve this is through our Perficient Bright Paths Program, which is designed to drive STEM education and career growth opportunities for the communities in which we live and […]

How Many Novel Drugs Were Approved In 2017?

When it comes to drug approvals, 2017 was a great year for the pharmaceutical industry. According to Reuters, the number of drugs approved in the United States was the highest number in 21 years. In fact, the 46 novel drugs that were approved was more than double what was approved in 2016. This figure doesn’t […]

Pfizer Wants To Know How You’re Feeling (In Hong Kong)

  According to a recent letter written in the South China Morning Post by Chien Wai-tong, a professor and the associate head (of research) in the school of nursing at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, one in about every four people in Hong Kong has been affected by a mental health issue at some point in […]

QR Codes Rule!

…if you happen to live in China, that is. According to a recent article from Fast Company, In China, QR codes are everywhere, and most apps have their own QR code readers built-in. What seems like a pointless piece of technology in the U.S., can be central to an entire infrastructure in another country. Here’s […]

Expanded Facility in China Accommodates Growth at Perficient

Responding to substantially expanding breadth of services and doubled headcount, Perficient is pleased to announce that we have opened a new and expanded facility in China. In a release issued today, Perficient’s chief executive and president, Jeffrey Davis, commented on the growth: “As Perficient scales in the years ahead, we expect growth at the GDC […]

The role of a liaison to help with multi-shore development

In my experience, a project’s success is dependent on having good communciation between the onshore and offshore teams, and a liaison can make this process much easier.  We have had several projects which have involved our China team and a liaison who has travelled to the U.S. to help with communication and keeping both teams […]

Offshore IP Protection

One of the most frequent questions I get asked regarding moving project work offshore is around Intellectual Property (IP) protection. Often, this question is asked based on perception that doing software work offshore, inherently puts a company’s IP at greater risk than how work is done today at that company.  While there are certainly safe-guards […]

Welcome! Multi-shoring and Agile

Welcome to the Multi-shoring blog. I think I have the honor of making our inaugural post. I hope you find it and all that we blog about to be interesting and insightful. We certainly believe in the benefits of Multi-shoring, and hope to share these with our readers. I thought an interesting kick-off might be […]