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How (and How Not) to Acquire B2B Customers

This is where it all begins – the first interactions with your customer. B2B customer acquisition isn’t just about getting that first sale; it’s where you start building a relationship. That means a solid, consistent brand presence has to shine through. Consumers are doing more research prior to purchase, so your content has to be […]

Salesforce Acquires Mulesoft and Announces Integration Cloud

Salesforce aficionados’ ears perked up last week with the acquisition of MuleSoft for $6.5B, and even more so when the fastest-growing software company on the globe announced Integration Cloud, a solution that directly impacts the future of Salesforce in a big way. Salesforce Acquires MuleSoft Salesforce and MuleSoft share in a press release “MuleSoft provides […]

Oracle Expands its Online Marketing with Compendium Acquisition

        In a move to expand its online marketing capabilities, Oracle announced today that it has acquired Compendium, a cloud-based content marketing provider whose platform will complement the Eloqua Marketing Cloud. Compendium’s platform helps companies plan, produce and deliver engaging content across multiple channels throughout their customers’ lifecycle. It’s data-driven approach aligns […]

MS Exec Nitin Bhatia on Yammer Acquisition (from TechCrunch)

We all have a great many questions about the roadmap impact of Microsoft’s much-discussed (and still, as of this writing, unofficial) acquisition of Yammer.  Serendipitously, TechCrunch has published an interview with departing Microsoft executive Nitin Bhatia, someone who might have better guesses than the rest of us.  In the interview, Mr. Bhatia– who is departing for […]

5 BURNING QUESTIONS: Microsoft to buy Yammer, says WSJ. Now what?

Maybe I’m amazed.  According to no less than the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft is in fact acquiring Yammer, Inc. This begs a few questions for which we’ll anxiously be awaiting answers, then: What, if any, aspects of Yammer’s current offering will be integrated into the next release of Microsoft’s productivity stack?  In other words, how will […]