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How to Build a Global, Multilingual Website on Sitecore Composable DXP

As the digital world becomes both more global and more local, it’s more common for organizations have customers, offices, and partners in every corner of the world. This means we need to deliver relevant, useful, exceptional digital experiences to every user, no matter where they live or language they speak. Undertaking a global multilingual website […]

Photo of man in Japan using smart phone

Cultural Inclusion | How to Build a Global, Multilingual Website on Sitecore Composable DXP

The world and the digital experiences that connect us are more than words and images, zeroes and ones. They’re ideas. Values. Norms. Traditions. Expectations. And all of those have to be properly and appropriately represented by your team to your users. It only takes one jarring or culturally insensitive experience to give a customer the […]

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SXA Styles and Variants

This is an overview on Sitecore’s SXA Styles and Variants. This is Sitecore’s way of styling components. SXA comes preloaded with out-of-the-box components that include Variants and Styles. You’ll probably need to customize some of these existing SXA assets, and add some of your own. *NOTE: Going forward, when I mention “styles” I’ll be referring […]

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Sitecore Headless DevOps Best Practices – Part 2

Welcome back to my series on DevOps Best Practices related to Sitecore Headless implementations. In Part 2 we are going to create the build pipelines for our Sitecore and Next.js solutions and see how they can be included in the PR process. If you haven’t checked-out Part 1 yet, I recommend doing so before continuing […]

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Why you should migrate your Sitecore solution Headless

As a .NET Sitecore developer I cannot say I was excited about this… In a former life I was a front-end developer, but that was so long ago it may as well never happened. However, as I brush the cobwebs off my ‘old’ and learn this new tech I am 100% onboard with this change […]

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Sitecore Infrastructure in Multiple Regions

Sitecore is capable of serving traffic from multiple regions from your cloud provider of choice. Why bother though? It’s a good question because Sitecore in multiple regions is more complex, more expensive to host and more work to maintain. If your organization is using Sitecore XP to its fullest (although there are other options today), […]

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Three Options for Automated Lighthouse Testing

Benefits of Automation If you’re reading this, you’re probably already aware of the importance of front-end page performance to the end-user experience. You might even be working on improving the performance of your pages and using Lighthouse to track your progress. While it is quite easy to run tests via the Lighthouse tab under Chrome’s […]

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Creating a Custom Sitecore Pipeline Processor

Customization is Crucial One of the essential customization concepts in Sitecore is the ability to customize the flow of the application globally without having to add a rendering to every page or include code in a universal layout. Creating a custom Sitecore pipeline processor gives developers a way to inject their custom code into the […]


SXA Map component Part 3 Show distance in POI Marker

Hi Folks! Welcome back. In the previous post, we had set up the Map with all the markers supplied in the data source, and to not get affected by the Search Results on the page, we provided the Search Results Signature to Map Control Properties. And have placed the Location Finder. In this case, the […]

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SXA Map component Part 2 With Search results and Location Finder

Hi Folks! In the previous post – SXA Map component, we have seen how to configure the Map component. In this post, let’s explore the Map component behavior in conjunction with the “Location Finder” and the “Search results” components. This is the second post in the series of an SXA Map component. SXA Map component […]

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SXA Map component

The Third Thing to Know When Looking to Replatform

If you follow the customer experience or marketing technology market with any regularity, you’ll notice platform vendors are always releasing newer versions of their systems. Sometimes those releases are very incremental changes such as small updates or fixes. However, major new features and capabilities are sometimes put into the market that will shake up the […]

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