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A Few More Sitecore 9 Installation Gotchas

I’ve been perusing all of the super helpful blog posts around getting Sitecore 9 up and running locally.   I started with Toby’s blog post on the prerequisites here followed by George’s installation post here. I did however run into a couple more gotchas that I hadn’t seen listed and couldn’t come up with a solution for by searching […]

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Sitecore Super User Roles

There are often times when we need to have what I would call super users in Sitecore environments – users that need access to pretty much everything without being logged in as a Sitecore admin. Below is the list of roles a super user should be a member of along with Sitecore’s explanation of what […]

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Sitecore Cross-site In Session Personalization

Assume you have a scenario with two different websites for US travel and Canada travel (“US.travel.com” and “CA.travel.com”)  that have different home nodes in a shared Sitecore instance.  Marketing Control Panel content such as goals and campaigns is shared as well. By default in session personalization works for each individual site.  Identifying and merging contacts […]

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No Recent Interactions in Experience Profile with Solr

I recently ran into an issue where in some of my client’s (more active) environments we were not seeing any recent interactions in the Experience Profile. After much back and forth with Sitecore support it was finally determined that this setting – <setting name=”ContentSearch.SearchMaxResults” value=”500″ /> –  in the Sitecore.ContentSearch.config was the culprit. By default […]

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Sitecore’s Hash Stored IPs Tool – 3 Gotchas

Sitecore provides a tool called Hash Stored IPs that must be run when upgrading from 8.1 or earlier. I ran into a few gotchas/good to knows when running the tool. 1. ERROR: System.InvalidOperationException: Failed to validate database. —> System.Exception: Database exist but the following collections doesn’t: GeoIps Initially the tool didn’t run at all because […]

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SUGCON 2015 – Knowledge Sharing Among Sitecore Aficionados

The Sitecore User Group Conference 2015 was a great event organized by the community for the community. In addition to everything I learn, Sitecore events also give me a chance to catch up with colleagues (present – former – future), vendors and friends, and I always leave with renewed vigor and focus. Below are a couple of quick takeaways […]

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