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Sitecore Super User Roles

There are often times when we need to have what I would call super users in Sitecore environments – users that need access to pretty much everything without being logged in as a Sitecore admin.
Below is the list of roles a super user should be a member of along with Sitecore’s explanation of what each roles encompasses.  Sitecore’s full documentation on the 82 different security roles is here,

  1. Analytics Advanced Testing
    • Gives the user access to see additional tabs and controls in the Marketing Control Panel.
    • You typically give this role to optimization experts, who need expanded rights when performing tests, traffic allocation, and so on.
  2. Analytics Maintaining
    • Gives the user access to the Marketing Control Panel, the Engagement Plan Designer, and the Supervisor.
    • The role gives the user permissions to create goal or page event messages and campaigns for messages.
  3. Analytics Management Reporting
    • Gives the user access to view the management reports for optimization efforts.
    • This role is typically given to users working with optimization, who wants to view management reports for the optimization efforts. The user can still perform tests, but this is not their main objective.
  4. Analytics Personalization
    • Gives the user access to the personalization functionality in the Experience Editor and in the Content Editor.
    • Members of this role can create and edit personalization rules. Users who are not members of this role can switch personalization variations.
  5. Analytics Reporting
    • Gives the user access to the Marketing Control Panel, Experience Analytics, Experience Profile, Path Analyzer, and to the Engagement Plan Monitor.
  6. Developer
    • Gives the user access to content manipulation facilities in the Content Editor, plus all the design and authoring roles normally used by client authors and client designers. It also provides access to more functionality on the ribbon of the Content Editor to allow full development features for users assigned to this role.
    • This role also has access to the Development Tools menu in the Sitecore menu, which gives the user access to further development tools, such as the Package Designer.
  7. Experience Explorer
    • Gives the user access to the explore mode in the Experience Editor and to manage the Presets of the Explore mode in the Marketing Control Panel.
    • The role is intended for marketers who set up campaigns and personalization.

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