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Why Quality Sitecore Content Authoring Matters to Your Business

Many factors play into a successful Sitecore implementation, but having a high quality content authoring experience is one that stands out. Because content authoring is such a fundamental, day-to-day task in Sitecore, it is crucial that the authoring and editing experience is consistently great. I’ve written before about how to improve the Sitecore editing experience, […]

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A Search for Answers: The Future of Sitecore, Solr, and You

Sitecore 9 introduces a relatively fundamental change in the core platform that will affect a lot of installations across the developer world: Lucene is (almost) out of the picture. Sitecore has always supported multiple search indexing providers, namely Lucene and Solr (shoutout to Coveo for all they do as well). Lucene has always been the […]

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Zeroing In On Sitecore Personalization With GeoIP

Marketing to users based on location is not a new concept, but new technologies – especially the rise of the ubiquitous smartphone in the past decade – create potential for hyper-accurate campaigns and personalization. Sitecore embraces personalization, and thanks to a few core technologies, personalizing based on end-user location is easier than ever in Sitecore. […]

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Beyond Components: Improving the Sitecore Editing Experience

As the basis for content presentation in Sitecore, well-built components are critical for a successful Sitecore implementation. Content Authors and Editors will be interacting with components in the Experience Editor on a daily basis, and there will be a wide range of technical expertise among these users. With that in mind, Sitecore developers should always […]

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Publishing Items in Sitecore: Order Matters

Content can be published in a variety of ways in Sitecore (Publishing Wizard, via the ribbon, via workflow, per item, etc.). This affords Content Authors and Editors great flexibility in getting content to the web, but it is important to remember that all publishing (out of the box, anyway) is governed by a few basic […]

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SPEAK Up! The Anatomy of a Sitecore SPEAK Application

In my introduction to Sitecore’s SPEAK framework, I mentioned that SPEAK applications should always be built from a branch template provided by Sitecore. While it is possible to write a SPEAK page from scratch, there are many moving pieces to consider. Because all SPEAK applications require certain components to function (JS libraries, CSS, a Sitecore layout, etc.), this article […]

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SPEAK Up! Building Applications for the Sitecore Backend

What is SPEAK? Sitecore Process Enablement & Accelerator Kit is a set of standard tools that allow developers to build custom applications for Sitecore users inside the familiar Sitecore backend. SPEAK attempts to provide most of the tools a developer needs to build quickly and efficiently. SPEAK follows a convention-over-configuration paradigm, bringing together common JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and Sitecore […]

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A Form Routing Gotcha with ‘SitecoreRouteName’

I was recently debugging a small AJAX form on a Sitecore site that utilized the BeginRouteForm() method, and I took a small shortcut that caused quite a bit of (totally unnecessary) pain. The Problem When utilizing the Html.BeginRouteForm() or Ajax.BeginRouteForm() in a view to render a form tag, it is common to define the route using ‘Sitecore.Mvc.Configuration.MvcSettings.SitecoreRouteName,’ […]

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Let Sitecore Power Your Blogging Platform

Blogging runs the gauntlet from personal to professional, and somewhere in the middle, it ends up being a great tool for engaging customers. In larger companies, it may seem challenging to juggle multiple blogs, find a common audience, and be a trusted voice to customers. With numerous blogging platforms available (with some great, others not […]

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Glass.Mapper Version 4 – Top New Features

I recently discussed a few best practices for utilizing Glass.Mapper for mapping Sitecore content templates to strongly-typed C# objects. I also briefly mentioned that the Glass.Mapper library was upgraded to version 4 this past May. For Sitecore developers, this is significant news, and this release introduced a few great changes worth mentioning: Simplified Nuget Packages: Previous […]

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