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Microsoft Server 2003 to 2012R2 – More than just end of Life

With the end of life fast approaching, on July 14 2015, for Microsoft Server 2003 it will be hard for many organizations to make the move to a new Server Operating System, not unlike the pain many organizations are feeling with the move from Microsoft Windows XP. There are many business related reasons that companies […]

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Language Behavior Office 365 2013 Pro Plus Click to Run

Office 365 2013 Pro Plus has been created utilizing Microsoft APP-V 5.0 technology and is called a Click to Run deployment. This new type of installation makes installing Office a simpler task for the application administrator to deploy and update for reasons such as License activation Automatic Updates faster deployment smaller platform ease of multiple […]

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End Of Life For Windows XP Or Is It?

Microsoft finally ended support for Windows XP, its end of life happened April 8th 2014. So what does this mean for those of us still on Windows XP?  No more support, hot fixes, and patches? Well not really, Microsoft will be creating patches and security updates for years ahead. But like everything it has a […]

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End of Windows XP Support What Now Windows 7 or 8

After a twelve-year run, the end of life for Windows XP is finally here. So what does this mean for those on XP still? Well in a nutshell support and updates will no longer be available, many machines will be unprotected, out of compliance and will open the door for vulnerabilities. The big question going […]

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SCCM 2012 R2 Multiple Deployment Types BUG

Being able to create multiple application deployment types with Configuration Manager is a great feature. This gives you the ability to have one application  built to suite many deployment needs, such as MSI, Script, AppV, Citrix or multiple languages. While this is a great feature there is one issue with the new release of Configuration […]

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What’s New in Microsoft Configuration Manager R2

We are just are getting used to Configuration Manager 2012 SP1 and Microsoft is coming out later this year with another update, R2. It may seem like they are just pushing out the updates to make our life rough, but really they are making it better. With each release they are updating current features and […]

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Microsoft Windows Intune Wave E

Microsoft came out with Windows  Intune Wave D not to long ago, and now are alreay touting a new version, I am assuming it will be E or Version 5. From what I have been seeing, this iteration is part of a larger set of product updates that are coming through the end of the year. System Center R2, […]

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Windows 8 Zip Missing Password Protection

Well I keep scratching my head on this, and still trying to figure out why Microsoft has removed the feature of adding a password to Zip files. I have seen articles stating the password encrypting was not strong and could be easily hacked.  So I guess instead of improving this issue they decided to just remove the […]

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Use Windows Intune to Install Office 365 Client Software

If you have a Windows Intune environment and are moving to Office 365, Intune will make this move a lot easier on getting the client machines ready. You can use Windows Intune to run reports, to gather information on machines in your current environment, and to verify software requirements that are needed before deployment. Then you […]

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Windows Intune Remote Assistance Dropped For Windows 8

Remote Assistance is a great feature in Windows Intune; it’s a feature that a lot of companies are excited about. A user can go to the self-service portal and choose to allow a service technician to access their machine. Sounds great, unless you run Windows 8. Microsoft Intune D no longer supports Windows 8 Remote Assistance. However, it still supports […]

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Windows Intune Direct Management The Next Step In MDM

With the latest release of Intune D, you now have the option to use Direct Management, or Active Sync for connecting mobile devices they both have benefits. Direct Management takes it a step further, and give you control over MDM and application management. Direct Managing takes you beyond policies and connecting your devices to exchange environments […]

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Server 2012 Virtual Desktop Infrastructure New Features

VDI has been around for years now, and there are a few companies that have been strong in this sector. There have always been many factors, why everyone does not use VDI solutions and have kept people from jump on the bandwagon, Cost, Ease of Deployment, Management, Video streaming capability’s….and the list goes on. I […]

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Microsoft BitLocker Windows 8 Server 2012 New Features

Bitlocker has been around for sometime, and with most Microsoft products gets better with versions. There has been some really good improvements and features added to the Server 2012, Windows 8 platforms. Bitlocker Provisioning Windows 8 is now deployable to an encrypted state during installation prior to calling setup. Used Disk Space Only Encryption BitLocker […]

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Enabling Site Server Backup in Configuration Manager 2012

Configuration Manager 2012 comes with the ability to backup site servers. The problem is, Site Backups not turned on by default and not in an obvious location. Configuration Manager includes a set of built-in maintenance tasks that are all configurable, this is the area where you can enable Site Backup.

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Dual Booting A Windows Machine With VHD Drive

So I was talking to a colleague of mine, and we were trying to decide if we wanted to run Server 2012 or Windows 8 Enterprise on our laptops. We had a few issues on doing this. Not sure what OS we wanted to run. Not sure all of our current software, will run on […]

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Windows Server 2012 and the “POWER” of PowerShell 3.0

At one time many Server versions ago, I thought why anyone would want to know PowerShell! What a waste of time! Well I was wrong, PowerShell is not going away anytime soon. Just to show how strongly Microsoft is feeling about the use of PowerShell, Server 2008/R2 was shipped with a whopping  230 cmdlets, now […]

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