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Gartner says BYOD Mandatory By 2017:Is Windows Intune The Answer?

According to a recent article I read, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) will become Mandatory by 2017 according to Gartner ! Wow that can really become an issue for companies that are not prepared to manage such an idea. We all know that BYOD has been gaining ground for some time with tablets and smart phones. But to think, every device in the company is BYOD how would you manage that?
I think Microsoft has seen this coming, and that is why Windows Intune might just be their silver bullet. I feel this is a very good step in combating BYOD in your corporate environment.  This is a way to make sure every machine will have Antivirus, Software Management, Policy Management, Updates and Remote Control,  for internet capable devices.
This will be very helpful for organizations where users purchase their own machines. The user can then enroll the device and install the agent, all through the Corporate Intune Portal. This will give the company control over the device with Policy Management and give the user control of self-service software that has been published to them. At the same time providing Windows Update management and making sure the machines have current antivirus software, before entering the corporate environment through VPN or onsite connection.
Not to mention the company can then manage users Tablet devices and Smart phones in the same manner, all with the same tool. And it does not matter if the device is IOS, Android or Windows based.
This gives the company the added benefits of reporting from the Intune Console, the administrator will be able to run reports about the devices connected, and be able to keep up with Windows Updates being applied, Antivirus definitions and volume licensing.
Living the mobile lives we live in today, and if Gartner is correct and by 2017 BYOD will be Mandatory, I feel more companies need to give Windows Intune a serious look and they will see this is a very powerful BYOD management solution that will help in the transition into the future.

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Robert Kuchera

Lead Microsoft Infrastructure Consultant

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