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Rudy Julian

Technical Architect

Rudy Julian is a senior data warehouse analyst within Perficient's national healthcare practice. Rudy has more than 30 years of information technology experience, including six years in the healthcare industry. He has extensive experience working as a data/ information architect - laying out the vision, strategy, roadmap, architecture and design of data warehouse and business intelligence solutions. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience around the development of data and information management practices including data governance, standards, principles, procedures and processes.

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3 Reasons Why an Enterprise Data Warehouse Works

Is your job composed of data analysis? Are you in charge of mapping or testing a healthcare enterprise data warehouse (EDW) implementation? Are you working with programs on Oracle, DB2, Google BigQuery or Db2 Warehouse on Cloud? Why? Employees can often get accustomed to the daily routine and lose sight of the big picture. Organizations […]

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3 Key Considerations for Implementing IBM’s Unified Data Model

Healthcare organizations have been implementing the IBM UDMH (Unified Data Model for Healthcare) for the last seven years because they realize that connecting critical data helps gain insight into improving care, controlling risk, managing population health and providing accurate reporting both internally and externally. To reap these benefits, there is a critical need to plan […]

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