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Matt Hopkins

Matt has more than 25 years leading and performing financial system analysis, project management, system implementation, business process redesign, software selection and data migration. Additionally, he has over more than eight in accounting, financial reporting, and audit. He is skilled in analysis of disparate transactional and reporting systems, creating manageable and logical integrations, and reporting.

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Solutions and Tools to Closing the Books, Part 2

In our previous post, Solutions and Tools to Closing the Books, Part 1, we identified financial consolidation tools and solutions to closing the books to equip your accounting team. In this second part of the series, we dig into powerful data processing and reporting tools. Open Systems for Integrations Modern applications can accept a variety […]

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Solutions and Tools to Closing the Books, Part 1

In our previous post, Closing the Books and External Reporting, we went into depth to examine the period-close process as well as addressed various challenges you might come across as you’re closing your books. In this post, we will identify a couple of financial consolidation tools and solutions at your disposal to better equip your […]

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Closing the Books and External Reporting

In our previous post, [Guide] Modern Accounting: How to Overcome Financial Close Challenges, we gave a general overview of the guide-to-blog series highlighting key topics relevant to today’s modern accounting. In this post, however, we’ll delve deep into the world of closing books, external reporting, and some of the challenges you might face closing your […]

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[Guide] Modern Accounting: How to Overcome Financial Close Challenges

In this guide-to-blog series, broadly speaking, you’ll learn how to overcome financial close challenges to better your organization’s bottom line. More specifically, you’ll learn to shorten the period-close process and pivot from collecting data to analysis with advanced tools designed to help the accounting office modernize and potentially eliminate certain routine and rote tasks. In […]

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Is Now the Right Time to Try the Hyperion EPM Cloud?

The Cloud is all around us – and a hot topic of conversation from the water cooler to the boardroom. Everywhere you turn, you hear about how everyone is moving to the Cloud and that you too should make the move. Generic benefits are thrown around like it is the best thing since the internet, […]

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Learn Real-World Benefits of Hyperion ARCS at #C18LV

Hyperion Account Reconciliation Cloud Services (ARCS) is the cloud counterpart to Hyperion on-premise Account Reconciliation Manager (ARM). While they share the same purpose, ARCS has additional functionality and has proven to be a flexible tool that can be used with other on premise or cloud-based systems to perform reconciliation activities. ARCS provides two tools to […]

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Is Oracle Account Reconciliation Cloud Service for You? #C18LV

The Financial Office is under constant pressure to shorten the close cycle and deliver accurate results. A potential source of improvement is streamlining the Account Reconciliation Process. Oracle Account Reconciliation Cloud Service (ARCS) provides the tools to manage and monitor the account reconciliation process providing a faster, more organized and accurate reconciliation process. Account Reconciliation […]

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Hyperion EPM–How to Choose the Right Applications? Part 3

From my latest post (Post 2), we talked about starting the process to identify your needs, the importance of a partner and the value of planning ahead.  We will continue down that path in this post.  I’m trying not to spend too much time on gathering project requirements in these posts; however, they are a […]

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Hyperion EPM–How to Choose the Right Applications? Part 2

From my earlier post (Post 1), we talked about what EPM is and how it can help organizations.  This post will focus on starting the process to determine what the organizational needs are.  This is the first step in determining which applications to select and implement.  If at all possible, do not buy your new […]

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Hyperion EPM–How to Choose the Right Applications for Your Needs?

Constant pressure from shareholders and upper management to improve the bottom line are driving factors to business leaders searching for new ways to be more effective and efficient. One of the many tools available to them is Enterprise Performance Management. Broadly defined, Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) is managing the profitability and performance of your business […]

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