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Focus on Change That Brings Value

This blog is part of a series, if you are just now joining us, we suggest you go catch up on what you’ve missed! In our previous post, we reviewed the solutions to period-close management. In this installment of the series, we will focus on changes and tools that can help bring value to your business.

While the accounting office may not typically be the first to receive cutting-edge technology, there are advanced tools that will help this department shorten, and potentially eliminate, certain routine and rote tasks. Focus on tools and change that brings value such as mitigating or removing manual tasks, streamlining processes and a shift toward analysis.

Many of these tools are straightforward to implement and have a very quick return on investment by freeing up employees to perform financial analysis to identify future cost savings and profitability trends.

Why Perficient?

Our team of corporate performance management (CPM) professionals apply broad-based business experience and expertise to address specific CPM challenges. From identifying key challenges to selecting the alternatives with the highest rate of return to implementing the solution, we help you manage the process to maximize your investment and bring value.

Core Capabilities

  • Cloud Strategy: Our cloud services are designed to help guide you
    through each stage of an enterprise cloud transformation to achieve
    your desired outcome.
  • Strategic Assessments: From leading financial transformations and
    business process designs to guiding the vision and roadmap process,
    we help you understand how to get it done.
  • Implementations: Our experts provide rollout or migration help that
    uses repeatable and agile processes to produce measurable outcomes.
  • Change Management and Support: Because your journey doesn’t
    end with technology implementation, we provide training, change
    management, and post-implementation support beyond the go-live.

To learn more on how to overcome financial close challenges, you can download our entire guide here or below. Otherwise, stay tuned for the next blog!

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Matt Hopkins

Matt has more than 25 years leading and performing financial system analysis, project management, system implementation, business process redesign, software selection and data migration. Additionally, he has over more than eight in accounting, financial reporting, and audit. He is skilled in analysis of disparate transactional and reporting systems, creating manageable and logical integrations, and reporting.

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