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Krishna VaddadiSr Technical Architect

Krishna Vaddadi is a senior technical architect. An experienced and motivated architect in database, platform, and cloud; Krishna specializes in big data and cloud platforms. He is a data enthusiast and experienced SME in the AML area.

Blogs from this Author

Coding and Database Best Principles

Today we will dwell into some basics and best practices to follow for any database design as well as for Coding. The key topics that I would like to emphasize today are following Coding Best Practices Data model Design Principles Best Query writing practices. Before I move on to the topics, I would like to […]

Who Knows What A Hacker Can Do With Your Information

Time Travel with Snowflake and BigQuery

Hello friends, I am back with another interesting topic called “time travel.” I believe many of you wish you could go back in time and fix something. The idea of time travel was made possible in the fictional world of movies and books, including Aditya 369 (released during my teens), recent Marvel movies, and Tenet.  […]

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Cloning with BigQuery and Snowflake

Today I write my first blog with the hope of posting more in the future. I call myself as data enthusiast who likes to analyze and understand data in order to write my solutions because, ultimately, it’s the data that is critical for any application. Without further ado, let’s jump into the today’s topic—cloning on […]