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Jon Upchurch

Jon Upchurch has been a Sitecore MVP since 2015, and has worked at Perficient since November of 2015. Jon is a lover of Sitecore and the Architect of the Ignition Framework (public release in Q3 of 2016). When not working, Jon contributes to the Sitecore community and is an avid gamer.

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Ignition 3.0 Is Coming!

Development for Ignition 3 has started! We are working on the next iteration of Ignition, now to be called Ignition.Framework. There are going to be a number of fundamental changes to the core architecture, including even more in the way of abstractions and dependency management, more flexibility than was already there, and a reduction in […]

Ignition v2.0 Releases Live

Greetings true believers! If you’ve been following on Twitter and Slack, you’ve already seen that we’ve released a major revamp of Ignition. The getting-started guide can be found here: Here’s a companion video going over getting started with the new framework: Some new features unveiled in 2.o include… A full restructure of our project structure […]

CoreSampler Podcast: Derek Dysart and Ignition with Jon Upchurch

Last month in some downtime between great sessions at the 2016 Sitecore Symposium in New Orleans, I got the pleasure of meeting Derek Dysart. Derek is the creator of the Core Sampler Podcast, and is racking up an impressive collection of interviews. After talking for a bit, we decided that an interview about Ignition was […]

[C2I] Countdown To Ignition! Day 1 #SitecoreSYM #NOLA #MVPSummit

Hi all! Our team is looking forward to getting to meet and talk with everyone at the Symposium on 9/15 and 9/16! In the spirit of this, we wanted to answer some FAQ’s, one each day as we approach the event. A different member of the team will post something each day, so be sure […]

The Ignition Team is Going to #NOLA!

Just a reminder that the team from Perficient that created Ignition will all be at the Sitecore Symposium coming up next week! Find 3 of us at the Sitecore MVP summit and all of us at the event itself! Be sure to find @SitecoreGeorge at his talk (along with Tim McCarthy) on Friday at 11:45am! […]

Sitecore Ignition: A Webinar Overview

This is an internal training webinar that ran on the week of 6/13/2016. It included members of our Sitecore team both in Atlanta and elsewhere, and included people who had used the framework extensively as well as total newcomers. Sitecore Ignition is an Open Source Development Accelerator and set of best practices for rapidly developing […]

Sitecore Ignition: Getting Started

This is a quick getting-started video for people wanting to clone and start working with Sitecore Ignition. Github location: Find us on #ignition on the Sitecore Community Slack On Twitter: @ignition_sc @sitecorejon @sitecorey @sitecoregeorge @sitecorechris Or ask a question or comment below!

Sitecore Developers: Start! Your! Ignition!

So, besides an excuse to use the old reliable “Start your engines!” trope, what is Ignition? Ignition is an open source development accelerator designed by the team at Perficient and released to the Sitecore community as a quick-start tool for beginning Sitecore projects. It has two primary components: the Sitecore Information Architecture piece and the .NET […]

Sitecore Tricks: Getting all Base Templates from an Item

Ran into a situation today where I needed to get all of the base templates for a given item. Toyed with a few approaches including recursion. I figured there had to be a better way. So after quite a bit of Stack Overflow reading, and a few Sitecore blogs, I came up with this really […]

Sitecore PowerShell Extensions Pt.1: The What and the Wow

I still cannot believe that there are Sitecore developers out there that are still not using Sitecore Powershell Extensions. Since I discovered SPE, it’s saved me what I can only estimate as being hundreds of hours of headaches and hundreds of dollars in therapist bills! Admittedly, there’s a pretty steep learning curve, but the ROI […]