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CoreSampler Podcast: Derek Dysart and Ignition with Jon Upchurch

Last month in some downtime between great sessions at the 2016 Sitecore Symposium in New Orleans, I got the pleasure of meeting Derek Dysart. Derek is the creator of the Core Sampler Podcast, and is racking up an impressive collection of interviews. After talking for a bit, we decided that an interview about Ignition was in order – especially since the announcement about Helix had become such a big deal at the event.  While Ignition has existed as an open source development accelerator for a while now, a lot of people still looked at Habitat as the “official” development accelerator for Sitecore. The clarification that Helix represented the principles of good development for Sitecore and that Habitat represented an example solution, not a development platform, meant that there is a vacuum in the space that Ignition is ideal to fill.
Listen to Derek and I talk Ignition, Sitecore, and other topics in his podcast, and be sure to subscribe and listen to the other great interviews as well!
Find the interview here:
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Jon Upchurch

Jon Upchurch has been a Sitecore MVP since 2015, and has worked at Perficient since November of 2015. Jon is a lover of Sitecore and the Architect of the Ignition Framework (public release in Q3 of 2016). When not working, Jon contributes to the Sitecore community and is an avid gamer.

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