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Ignition v2.0 Releases Live

Greetings true believers!
If you’ve been following on Twitter and Slack, you’ve already seen that we’ve released a major revamp of Ignition. The getting-started guide can be found here:
Here’s a companion video going over getting started with the new framework:

Some new features unveiled in 2.o include…

  • A full restructure of our project structure with a focus on minimizing artifacts and more closely aligning our project structure with Helix.
  • Massive simplification in setup! Now, everything is done with Nuget and your own projects!
  • Simplification of the process of building components and simplified the way we build templates!
  • Code is far easier to deploy and maintain, and every single project is self-contained!
  • A clear, linear dependency chain has been changed to NO DEPENDENCIES! Your code will depend on 3rd party dll’s only, your projects are independent.

Check us out, and look for more training videos and documentation soon.

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Jon Upchurch

Jon Upchurch has been a Sitecore MVP since 2015, and has worked at Perficient since November of 2015. Jon is a lover of Sitecore and the Architect of the Ignition Framework (public release in Q3 of 2016). When not working, Jon contributes to the Sitecore community and is an avid gamer.

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