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Sitecore Ignition: A Webinar Overview

This is an internal training webinar that ran on the week of 6/13/2016. It included members of our Sitecore team both in Atlanta and elsewhere, and included people who had used the framework extensively as well as total newcomers.
Sitecore Ignition is an Open Source Development Accelerator and set of best practices for rapidly developing Sitecore sites. It enables easy support of the Experience Editor, and all of the marketing automation features that are so important to a modern website such as Personalization and A/B/N testing.
Check out the repository here:
heck out the (still work in progress) GitBook here:
Ignition is sponsored and developed by Perficient under the MIT License
As always find us on Twitter:
@ignition_sc – The Ignition Team
@SitecoreJon – Jon Upchurch, Lead Architect
@SiteCorey – Corey Smith, Architect, Developer
@SitecoreGeorge – George Chang – Developer, PM
@SitecoreChris – Chris Williams – Evangelist and Social Media Manager

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Jon Upchurch

Jon Upchurch has been a Sitecore MVP since 2015, and has worked at Perficient since November of 2015. Jon is a lover of Sitecore and the Architect of the Ignition Framework (public release in Q3 of 2016). When not working, Jon contributes to the Sitecore community and is an avid gamer.

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