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Grace Tsai

I lead the Marketing Intelligence & Analytics team. With 20+ years of experience and a natural tendency to problem-solve with customer empathy, data strategy, and MarTech integration, I help clients deliver personalized experiences to customers with measurable ROI.

Blogs from this Author

Working In Office.

4 Types of Data to Create More Personalized Healthcare Experiences

Clinical technology has become incredibly advanced, but when it comes to patient experiences, the healthcare industry is lagging behind. We have the technology to clone an organ, yet siloed data is still causing fragmented patient experiences. Despite this, healthcare consumers are demanding that organizations provide experiences personalized to the degree that they have come to […]

Website Design. Developing Programming And Coding Technologies.

Bridging the gap between data and human-centered design

With the rise of AI and our ability to collect increasingly more data about consumers, it’s important that we keep human-centered design at the forefront to improve engagement with consumers. But how? Many enterprise-level companies, even those with mature digital marketing strategies, are challenged with putting their data into action. In order to bridge the […]