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Ben Hahn

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Moving to an Agile “New” Big Data Paradigm

A few years ago, I was in the middle of getting together a conceptual architectural document for a project that required very agile methodologies based on microservices and cross- functional teams. One of the key portions of the architecture involved Hadoop and Spark for both data storage and data processing for the delivery of data […]

The End of IT?

A few years ago Adrian Cockcroft, cloud architect at Netflix at the time, posted this blog which caused quite a stir among the IT community. It described how Netflix had almost done away with DevOps (or even plain Ops) using the cloud (AWS in this case) to come up with yet another new IT buzzword called NoOps. Many […]

Get Decoupled with Inference Rule Engines

The concept of loosely coupled system is not a new one and is one of the central tenets of SOA systems. Each service is solely focused on it’s service contract responsibilities and leaves underlying domain expertise to other services to fulfill it’s requests. The premise is fairly simple, using a service registry, a service that […]