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Arunkalyan Nagarajan

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Personnel Analytics for better “self-awareness”

BI technologies these days are not just limited to the Business world, it has seen widespread adoption in the consumer space as well. And its use is growing and people are finding the value in such analytic tools. I would like to discuss 2 example of personnel analytics that caught my eye in the recent past. Example […]

Change Data Capture: Capabilities, UseCases and Offerings: Part 2

The post is the 2nd in the series which covers capabilities, use cases and product offerings for change data capture technology. The critical capabilities which are expected in a CDC tool Selective data replication and synchronization is a capability to synchronize data between multiple databases. It usually supports high volume and mission critical scenarios. An […]

Changes to Information Management Reference Architecture – Part 1

Oracle’s last Data Warehouse reference architecture was released in 2010 and since then the industry has seen a lot of changes in handling data. This is a 2 part series covering the changes to the data warehouse reference architecture incorporating Big Data needs. As Oracle puts it What has changed in the last few years […]

Amazon Redshift: BI in the Cloud

BI and DW in the cloud has been avoided by companies for a while now. There are many reasons that are attributed for the slow start. Companies want to play the wait and watch approach when it comes to moving BI to the cloud The offered solutions were not straightforward and not much cost effective […]

BigML – Predictive Modelling made easy

I have been pleasantly surprised about the new startups which have emerged on predictive analytics  This year, i would be covering a wide range of predictive analytical tools and its usage techniques. We no longer need PHDs to understand statistics and to start using predictive models. We have to know how to use the tools and […]

Notes from the last Oracle OpenWorld 2012

Link to my post on the trends in Oracle BI    

Excerpts from Oracle OpenWorld 2012

There has been a lot going in the BI world and Oracle had a bevy of announcements in the last Oracle Openworld 2012. Its been 3 months since the events, but the trends and announcements would have lasting impact on the BI world. The BI specific topics that were covered in the event were about […]

(Visual) Data Discovery ( Beauty or a Beast ? )

Search technology has been around for more than a decade now, but they have been used to index web files and to help users find what they are looking for. The search technology when used in the enterprise BI context brings two new capabilities to BI. First, search analyses data behind the scene that traditional […]

My experience with an Enterprise BI strategy change

I recently had the opportunity to work with a client who were facing some trouble with their overall  BI vision, because the data warehouse solution was not mature in the organization and the company’s new 3rd party applications for Call Center and CRM software brings an integrated BI stack with them. The Problem Because of […]

The Need for better use of Algorithms in BI

I recently came across couple of articles in AllthingsD where two C level executives have put forth their point of view on what is more critical to business (More data or better algorithms?). I believe since this is a BI blog, we might as a group be more inclined towards the more data argument than […]

Mobile BI – Part 3 -Current Landscape & Key product offerings

The last in the series discusses about the landscape of the mobile BI and key product offerings from major players. There are 2 types of mobile BI players 1. Major BI players These are the big guns who are typically slow in bringing their solution to market. They are focused on tightly integrating their offering with their […]

Mobile BI – ( Part 2 – Trends )

This is part 2 of the 3 part series on Mobile BI trends and implementation strategy. Last post discussed the mobile implementation strategies for organizations. This one shifts focus to the current trends in mobile BI. The next post would focus on the current landscape and key product capabilities. The below diagram describes the hype […]

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