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Data + AI Summit is in Full Swing!

Skyscrape Dais

The worlds largest Data + AI conference is underway at the Moscone Center in San Francisco!  Perficient experts have been immersing themselves in all the conference has to offer. Whether it was the opening

Keynote From Ceo

Keynote from Databricks CEO

keynote with Databricks CEO, Ali Ghodsi or learning about brand new releases from the Databricks platform in breakout sessions, our leaders have gained a ton of new insight and the conference still has a few days to go!

A hot topic of the data world right now is Generative AI, with some afraid of what AI could become

Gen Ai

Snapshot outside the Moscone Center

and others finding innovative ways to make AI work with and for their business model.  In a fast-paced world, keeping up with innovations is crucial for remaining ahead of the competition.

The financial services industry has been a big player in the Generative AI game being some of the first to uncover innovations with AI technologies.  Executives have noted how Generative AI can increase efficiency for financial firms with its automation and streaming capabilities and are now beginning to invest in AI to analyze and provide insights on a vast data scale.  With the development of Large Language Models (LLMs), data analysts can generate distinctive insights by discerning patterns within the information provided.

Check out this article from our partner to learn more about why Generative AI is something to embrace rather than fear and see how Databricks has been able to leverage these capabilities to drive ROI in the Financial Services Industry.

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