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Introduction & Use of B2C Commerce Template in Experience Cloud Salesforce

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B2C Commerce Template is a pre-built framework available in Experience Cloud that allows businesses to create and manage their online store for business-to-consumer (B2C) commerce. It provides a platform for building feature-rich, customizable, and mobile-responsive websites for selling products to consumers directly.

What is B2C Commerce?

B2C means business-to-consumer ecommerce, also known as retail ecommerce, is a business strategy that incorporates sales between online businesses and customers. It falls under the umbrella of Commerce Cloud Salesforce.

Salesforce B2C Commerce is extensively used by organizations of all sizes to increase online sales, engage customers, and provide excellent B2C commerce experiences. These experiences normally take place on the web or mobile devices. It offers a scalable and adaptable solution to the changing needs of organizations .

Key features and capabilities of B2C Commerce in Salesforce include: 

  1. Personalized experiences: Assists businesses in providing personalized shopping experiences for clients based on their browsing and purchasing habits.
  2. Marketing and promotions: Allows organizations to build and manage targeted marketing programs and promotions.
  3. Omni-channel support: Allows for a unified shopping experience across numerous sales channels, including web, mobile, and in-store.
  4. Payment and checkout: Supports many payment gateways and provides a configurable checkout procedure.
  5. Integration with Salesforce: Integrates with other Salesforce products like Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud to offer an integrated overview of interactions of customers.

Also, Analytics and reporting, Order management, Storefront Creation and Customization are the key features of B2C Commerce.

B2C Commerce (LWR) template in Salesforce

  • A new Salesforce B2C Commerce template is a template that you need to create, implement, and manage a responsive eCommerce store. It can handle real-time orders and order history as well as product catalogues, shipping, pricing, payments as well as taxes, all in one place.
  • The template offers various out-of-the-box components, such as product listings, search functionality, customer reviews, and personalized recommendations, which can be easily customized to match a company’s branding and unique requirements.
  • LWR is an abbreviation for Lightning Web Runtime, which is the underlying technology that powers the upcoming version of Experience Cloud sites. LWR sites are quicker and more developer-friendly than Aura sites since they emphazise on performance and customization.

How To Set Up Salesforce for B2C Commerce (LWR) Template on Lightning Experience?

1. Sign Up for Developer Edition

Go with this link=>

2. Enable Commerce Feature in Org

a) Click on setup.
b) In the Quick Find Box, enter “Commerce”.
c)  It will be like, Feature Settings => Commerce => Settings. Click Settings.
d) Enable Commerce.

e)  Click Save.

  • In a Salesforce org, enabling Commerce refers to the activation of Salesforce’s native e-commerce capabilities, specifically Salesforce B2B Commerce or Salesforce B2C Commerce (formerly known as Commerce Cloud).
  • Enabling Commerce in a Salesforce org allows businesses to leverage the platform’s robust e-commerce functionalities to sell products and services online.

3. Enable Digital Experience

a) Go to the Setup.
b) In the Quick Find Box, enter Digital.
c) It will be like, Feature Settings => Digital Experiences => Settings. Click Settings.
d) Mark the “Enable Digital Experiences” box as check as shown below.



e) Inside Settings, Enable the box “Allow using standard external profiles for self-registration, user, creation and login “.


4. Choose an Experience Cloud Template

a) Inside the Digital Experience, Click All Sites.
b) Click New.
c) Select “B2C Commerce (LWR)” Template as shown in figure.



d) Click Get Started.
e) Enter the Name of your template/store you want to Add. URL is optional.



f) Click Create.
g) Hurray!! Your site (Store) has been created successfully. Now, click Experience Builder.


  • This is the brand new B2C Commerce Experience Site you just created.

The template is designed to integrate with other Experience Cloud solutions, such as Marketing Cloud and Service Cloud, enabling businesses to deliver personalized marketing campaigns and provide exceptional customer service.



# Experience Pages:

In Experience Cloud at top left side, Salesforce provides ‘Experience Pages’. Experience Pages in Experience Cloud Salesforce are a fundamental component for building and delivering personalized (highly customizable), content-rich digital experiences to users. You can create Experience Pages from here as shown below.


Do as much as customizations in your store according to requirement. Enjoy your Experience Cloud Store.


With B2C Commerce Template, businesses can create smooth and intuitive shopping experiences across multiple platforms, including desktop, mobile devices, and tablets. Overall, B2C Commerce Template in Experience Cloud simplifies the process of building and managing an online store, empowering businesses to deliver exceptional digital experiences and drive revenue growth in the B2C commerce space.

Happy Learning!!

Stay Tuned.

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