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How to Build a Global, Multilingual Website on Sitecore Composable DXP

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As the digital world becomes both more global and more local, it’s more common for organizations have customers, offices, and partners in every corner of the world. This means we need to deliver relevant, useful, exceptional digital experiences to every user, no matter where they live or language they speak.

Undertaking a global multilingual website can be an intimidating and overwhelming project but it doesn’t have to be. Over the next few months, we’re going to give you a roadmap with all the things you need to consider when planning strategy, designing, and building these websites on Sitecore’s Composable DXP and their suite of products including Content Hub, CDP and Personalize, Sitecore Search, Order Cloud, Sitecore Discover, and more. 

Follow along as we add content to the following topics and by the end you’ll have a complete workbook to follow the next time your biggest client tells you they need to ‘go global’.

Chapter 1: Cultural Inclusion

Chapter 2: Translation

Chapter 3: SEO

Chapter 4: Content Strategy and Localization

Chapter 5: UX

Chapter 6: Governance and Workflows

Chapter 7: Personalization

Chapter 8: Accessibility Strategies and Standards

Chapter 9: Site Search

Chapter 10: Analytics

Chapter 11: Currency, Measurements, Dates, Address Formats, and More

Chapter 12: Global Privacy Laws

Chapter 13: Best Practices for Managing Global Software Development Teams

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