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Perficient Releases Help Desk Starter Pack for Twilio Flex

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Help desks are often the first point of contact for both customers and employees seeking support, a solution to a problem, workflow guidance, and more. Providing your teams with efficient and user-friendly ways to interact with those in need of support is expensive. Off-the-shelf solutions often provide unwanted functionality and are cost-prohibitive. On the other hand, building custom solutions takes too long and is extremely costly. This is where Perficient can help.

Optimize and Accelerate Your Twilio Flex Help Desk Capabilities

Our Twilio Flex Help Desk Starter Pack provides the out-of-the-box functionality your teams need to do their job, without all the things they don’t need. It also provides integrations with ZenDesk and ServiceNow for computer-telephone integrations (CTI), automatic ticket lookup, and integration with Glance for co-browsing and video capabilities.

Once the starter pack has been implemented and configured, your Twilio flex implementation will have several added channels, integrations, and features including:


  • Email routing with SendGrid
  • Webchat
  • Voice


  • ZenDesk
  • ServiceNow


  • Glance screen sharing
  • File attachments
  • Callbacks and voicemails
  • Reasons/dispositions codes

How Long do Implementations Normally Take?

Basic implementations take two weeks, with customized implementations available and varying in length depending on the scope of customizations and integrations required. This starter pack lays the foundation for future feature implementations, optimizing your contact center on Twilio Flex.

Why Perficient?

We are a Twilio Gold Partner with a team of certified Twilio Flex engineers and more than 20 years of experience delivering unparalleled customer engagement and contact center experience solutions. For more information on our Twilio Flex practice and capabilities visit us here!

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