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Six Trends Moving the Needle in Customer Care: Omnichannel

Consumers are digitally savvy, well informed, and more demanding than ever. Not investing in resources that digitally transform customer care will become a competitive disadvantage. This series explores six technology trends for delivering smarter and more strategic customer care. Trend #5: Omnichannel Experiences Amplify Customer Loyalty The thought of calling customer service might be off-putting. Regardless of […]

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Customer Experience (CX) Dimension #7: Culture

The seventh (and final!) of the seven customer experience (CX) dimensions discussed in Perficient Digital’s CX guide is Culture. Even though it comes at the end, numerically, if you look at the diagram, it leads right back into strategy and the rest of the dimensions. That’s because it’s culture that actually keeps the CX wheel […]

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Customer Experience (CX) Dimension #3: Design Process

The third of the seven customer experience (CX) dimensions discussed in Perficient Digital’s CX guide is Design Process. Once you have your customer insights (first dimension) and your strategy (second dimension), the next step is to tackle design. Remember that, in life sciences, “customer” means many things (e.g., patient, physician, clinical site, clinical subject, research […]

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Business Process Management (BPM) Impact on Financial Services Trends of 2017

I recently read through a guide on the Top 15 Financial Services Trends for 2017 by my friend and colleague Eugene Sefanov. Business Process Management (BPM) platforms continue to add more capabilities for greater impact on all industry verticals allowing organizations to remain relevant in an ever changing digital economy.  The following is some insights […]

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100+ Examples Of Digital Transformation In Financial Services

Similar to the way digital transformation means different things to different people, there are myriad types of projects and initiatives that fall under the concept of digital transformation, including: Implementing methods that enable changes to be made quickly on digital platforms, such as websites, mobile, social, and portals Developing websites and portals that are mobile-friendly […]

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How Digital Transformation Begins In Financial Services

Most digital transformation initiatives begin with customer journey mapping, a process that helps one fully understand the dynamics of the target customer and their behavior. Journey mapping connects the dots from a customer’s initial interaction with a brand, through their entire experience with that brand via multiple channels (e.g., website, mobile app, phone call, direct […]

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Why Digital Transformation Matters In Financial Services

In today’s digital age, consumers have evolved to become far more independent and self-sufficient. They expect access to information, services, and products to be quick, easy, useful, engaging, and even entertaining. Businesses that are not yet meeting these new expectations are falling behind the curve. But this particular curve is not just the trend of […]

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Digital Transformation In Financial Services Defined

While it means different things to different people, digital transformation is a movement. According to the research firm Altimeter, the definition of digital transformation boils down to this: “The realignment of, or new investment in, technology and business models to more effectively engage digital customers at every touchpoint in the customer experience lifecycle.” Digital transformation […]

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Introduction To Digital Transformation In Financial Services

We have become a digital society. We use mobile devices to guide us through rush hour traffic, to find a great new spot for lunch, to research recipes for dinner, to do our shopping, to track our exercise, to entertain, to connect with friends and family, and to wake us up the next morning to […]

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Customer-Focused IoT with Salesforce – #DF16

Now is an exciting time in the world of the internet of things (IoT). Exciting for both customers and businesses. As Salesforce IoT Cloud approaches general availability, now is the time to start and accelerate your IoT transformation journey. Customer-focused IoT is the next exciting phase of IoT. Customer-focused IoT combines device and product oriented […]

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Servicing Customers In Financial Services With CX Technology

It’s no secret that customer satisfaction scores go up when customers consistently get what they want. When they have unanswered questions about your products and services, they’re not likely to become your biggest cheerleaders. And, chances are that if your prospects find themselves with questions that can’t be answered, they’re not going to convert. We […]

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Technology Trends Transforming Customer Engagement

At Customer Engagement World, we had a panel discussion regarding technology trends with customer engagement.  The format was Q&A with these panelists: Matt Rednor, Founder of Decoded Advertising; Heather Corker, VP Consumer Trends at The Future Foundation; Jason Stein, President of Laundry Service; David Weinstock, Chief Creative Officer at MRY; and Chad Westleigh, Manager at Alex […]

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Engaging Customers Through Marketing Technologies

Customer engagement is nothing new.  Customer engagement technology is nothing new too.  Cave paintings were an early form of customer engagement and throughout history, we’ve used various forms of technology to communicate to customers, partners and employees.  What is new technology to have a two-way, personalized engagement with them. Audrey Hendley, SVP of New Customer […]

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Using Social Insights to Engage Customers

Today at Customer Engagement World in New York, Jana Kanyadan, CIO of Mohawk Industries, spoke about how they use social insights to engage customers. Mohawk, now with 32,100 employees, makes flooring and was founded in 1878 in New York. Jana started out showing a typical customer journey – today 92% start with a Google search. […]

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Customer Engagement: Harnessing Disruption

This week I’m attending Customer Engagement World in New York. “The Customer is the New Boss” is Lawrence Dvorchik’s theme for Customer Engagement World. But hasn’t the customer always been the boss? We always say customer is the boss, but our engagements methods rarely reflect this. Too often companies are trying to engage in a one-way […]

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4 Global Business Functions You Must Modernize

The financial services industry is in the middle of rampant disruption and it’s only the beginning! The intersection of technology and customer behavior will only continue to drive further change in the industry. To keep pace with this new fast-paced banking environment, traditional banks and financial services companies need to increase business agility, make technology investments […]

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Create A Patient Portal Using Salesforce Communities

When I think of major healthcare trends one of the most interesting is that of connected health, the idea that healthcare delivery uses technology to deliver patient care outside of the hospital or doctor’s office. Patient – doctor interactions can now extend past visits to a more engaging ongoing relationship with providers, where patients have […]

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Customer Engagement: Not Just the Latest Buzzword

Type “customer engagement” into Google and you get almost 75 million results. The concept of customer engagement is not just the latest buzzword, but rather represents a transformative industry trend. What does customer engagement actually mean? There are plenty of definitions out there. But let’s look at this from a customer point of view—because one […]

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New Insights Into Social Customer SAP

Thanks to Erin Maloney (@ErinE) for pointing me to this article.  By the title, I expected this to be about SAP’s foray into creating and selling social tools. But it’s not. Instead it’s an article about humanizing SAP.  Like many, I think of SAP as a stodgy tech company that tries above all to sell it’s […]

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