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A Swift Response to The Log4j Vulnerability

The internet is on fire with recent news of a new security vulnerability identified in Apache Log4j.

Log4j is an open-source logging framework used by major Java-based enterprise applications and servers. The vulnerability is being considered as one of the most dangerous ones found in recent years. It potentially allows attackers to execute arbitrary code within a company’s network by sending crafted log messages. It has been identified as CVE-2021-44228 and called Log4Shell.

Security-mature organizations started assessing their exposure almost immediately due to the severity of the exploit and provided security patches or workaround solutions to safeguard systems and data from this threat.

In life sciences, we quickly reacted to the issue, identified the resolutions for the respective products of different versions, and developed an action plan immediately for cloud hosting customers.

In close collaboration and coordination with our customers and their users, we were able to patch and protect against this vulnerability for all our life sciences hosted clients within a few hours to safeguard each hosted application.

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Jothi Selvaraj

With over 17 years of experience, Jothi Selvaraj is a solutions architect in Perficient’s life sciences practice. His expertise lies in the implementation and integration of clinical operations systems. Jothi is an expert in CTMS, EDC, clinical data warehouse, and clinical data analytics solutions. He enjoys helping companies build clinical infrastructure frameworks using the latest technologies. Jothi has a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Bharathiyar University in India. Before joining Perficient (via the acquisition of BioPharm Systems), he worked at IBM, Hewlett Packard, and Accenture. Jothi currently resides in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts.

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